A complete guide to booking camping pods

So, you're keen to try out a camping pod? Great idea. This off-beat style of accommodation can offer a real change from what you're used to. You'll find they come in all shapes and sizes, from glamorous-camping – or glamping, as it's now known – pads to rustic little escapes in the middle of nowhere. They can crank up the romance or place you right by a wave-washed beach. They can also fit in families and couples. Here are some things you might like to consider when booking a pod camping break...

The different styles of camping pods

From a tight-knit capsule crafted with corrugated sheets to a timber-built bolthole with outdoor decks, the range of camping pods on the menu today is eclectic. Here's a list of common things to expect from this property type.

Camping pod basics

Rest assured that a camping pod comes with more than the basic amenities of a campsite. They usually have their own ensuite bathrooms. Most have static beds for added comfort, though you'll need to check ahead to see if bedding and linen is included. And they typically come with electrical power and running water.

Glamping pods with a hot tub

Camping pods with a hot tub are a real favourite. They could be rustic little shacks overlooking windswept beaches, but they still come with their very own bubbling bath. It's usually al fresco and often warmed by a wood-burning stove. You might also find that hot tub-ready pods share their steamy pool with other residents on the same site.

Luxury camping pods – glamping pods

Most camping pods fall into the glamping category. These are rentals that channel a little touch of the boutique, offering plush bedspreads to keep you cosy, atmospheric lighting within and even the occasional designer kitchen space.

The location of camping pods

From dramatic perches on clifftops to little cradles between sand dunes to bucolic spots amid rolling farm fields, there are camping pods to be found in curious locations all over the place. Of course, nature usually takes centre stage, but not always…

Camping pods, lakes and forests

Because camping pods are tailor-made for the adventurous traveller who loves to get away from it all, you're sure to find plenty of this sort of accommodation in the wilder reaches of the country. They dot the sides of the Lake District's waters, and pop up in the midst of swaying forests, usually close to hiking trails and mountain biking routes.

Camping pods by the beach

There's a special class of camping pods by the beach that are there to cater to those who like to wake to the sound of roaring waves. These are also probably a top pick if your surfboard goes wherever you go. Popular places in the UK for coastal pods include Cornwall, Devon and Wales.

Discover camping pods near towns

It's not all about escaping to the country with a camping pod. There are also little pads fringing some interesting cities and towns. Places outside York will put you close to the striking Gothic Minster, for example, while others dot the Cotswolds, within reach of ancient Bath and learned Oxford.

How to bag the best camping pod deals

One of the great draws of camping pod holidays is just how affordable they can prove to be. Yes, you might need to forgo the luxuries of a sprawling lounge and drawing room, but that can really help to bring costs down. Here are some other top tips for saving the pennies on a break to the backcountry.

Consider glamping in winter

While some camping pods simply aren't suitable for the winter months, others will have inbuilt heating or even their own wood-burning stove, not to mention the occasional hot tub. That means you could consider pod camping during the colder months of the year, which is often when nightly rates are at their lowest.

Book your pod camping early

Because camping pods are still something of a novelty, there's certainly not an overload of these accommodations across the UK and abroad. That means the best-priced places are bound to sell out fast, especially during the summer season. Book early to avoid the rush and secure your rustic stay at a wallet-friendly rate.

Keep things nearby when planning your pod camping

There's always an adventure on the menu when it comes to hitting these off-beat pods. That means you shouldn't have to stray too far from home to enjoy all they have to offer. In fact, seeking out a camping pod in an area near you can help save plenty on the cost of travel, all whilst reducing time spent in the car.