Why Kent and glamping are a perfect combination

For a truly unique stay in the country, glamping in Kent has you covered. Choosing this style of off-beat accommodation means bedding down in yurts, caravans and cabins, each with their own touch of class and style. The so-called Garden of England promises to be an immersive outdoors playground to have on your stylish doorstep, too, with rolling farm fields and chalk-white cliffs all waiting to be explored.

Luxury glamping in Kent

Just because this sort of accommodation has its roots in camping, there's no suggestion of your having to rough it on a glamping holiday to Kent. In fact, there's plenty of chance you'll pinpoint a stay that's elegant, stylish and intriguing, with a touch of opulence thrown in for good measure.

Glamping in Kent with a hot tub

A muscle-soothing, relaxation-inducing hot tub is one of the most popular luxury extras in Kent glamping. They typically sit surrounded by the sweeping green fields and woodlands of the backcountry, so you can steam away with a view. Others might be shared facilities, part of a larger camping ground or a group of glamping pods.

Interesting style with glamping in Kent

The bespoke nature of glamping is what really sets it apart from other sorts of accommodation. In this category, it's very rare that any 2 stays are the same. One glamping trip to Kent could mean a hearty shepherd's hut overlooking the High Weald hills, another could mean a sumptuous safari tent with semi-permanent fixtures and a perch atop the Kent Downs AONB.

Other features of luxury glamping in Kent

It's not uncommon to find the most upscale glamping options with kitchens and cooking facilities – though they are often a little more rudimentary than in a traditional cottage. Outdoor spaces are also very important in these chic camp accommodations. You'll often have a deck, a patio or seating beyond your front door, perhaps even warmed by an open fire or heater.

How to find cheap glamping in Kent

The good news about opting for glamping in Kent over a classic home rental or cottage is that rates tend to be easy on the wallet in these idiosyncratic pads. You'll often pay just a fraction of what you would for a place with rigid foundations, especially if you follow these top tips on how to score a bargain:

Book your Kent glamping early

The beauties of Kent are no secret, which means you're likely to face stiff competition for the most enticing glamping spots of all in this green and pastoral county. To ensure you get the pick of the best prices, try to book as early as possible.

Consider a glamping trip to Kent in the winter

Ask any local and they'll tell you just how beautiful Kent looks come winter. Crisp coverings of dew and frost give a reflective sheen to the fields, while the dropping leaves turn the woodlands of the High Weald shades of auburn and ochre. For budget-conscious travellers, it's also usually the time between November and March that sees the lowest rates in glamping pods – just be sure to check your chosen stay is suited to colder weather.

Opt for glamping pods

Glamping pods are a sub-section of the glamping category. They offer you a chance to really crank up the cosy factor, being compact and characterful. Inside, you'll often find just enough room to drop the bags and sleep. The lower square footage also usually equals lower nightly rates, happily.

Top places to go glamping in Kent

Kent offers shores and lush valleys, heritage-rich towns and striking churches. Consider a glamping trip to the following places to make the most of this enthralling corner of England:

Glamping in Kent by the coast

The famous White Cliffs of Dover herald perhaps the most iconic stretch of coastline in Kent – or even the whole UK. They are the jewel in the crown of the South Foreland Heritage Coast, where your glamp site will be caressed by the salt-filled airs of the English Channel. Move northwards and you could also discover the rock pools and Blue-Flag waters of Botany Bay.

Glamping in Kent near Canterbury

History lovers and culture vultures will find plenty to like in the vicinity of Canterbury. A glamping pod in the nearby country will put you just an arm's length from one of England's best-known and most handsome cathedrals. The town around it is a picture of quaint Kentish life, too, with winding alleys and half-timbered pubs selling local ales.

Glamping in the Kent Downs

The Kent Downs cover a great dash of land, from Dover in the south to the outskirts of sprawling London in the north. They are everything you might have dreamt of when it comes to time-standing-still English backcountry – think low valleys of grass-green woods, flowering meadows and a couple of regal manor houses here and there.