Where to find top Costa del Sol apartments

Any quest for the best Costa del Sol apartments will depend entirely on what it is you want from your Spanish jaunt. Perhaps you're keen on stepping into clear seas each morning? Or, do you prefer pulsing sangria bars at night? Maybe it's keeping the kids busy that's forefront in your mind? Whichever it is, this guide to the sun-splashed coast's top destinations should have you covered.

Find your Costa del Sol apartments on the beach

In a place that translates to "the coast of the sun", it's hardly a surprise that days on the sands take centre stage. There are actually over 100 miles of shoreline to explore, so be sure to narrow down your search for Costa del Sol apartments on the beach with this pick of 3 top spots.

Never forget Nerja

Among the energetic resort towns and their heaving bar strips, the white-glowing town of Nerja cuts a more traditional figure. It cascades down the Andalusian mountains, offering apartments that tower over the cliffs and the sea. It eventually meets rocky Playa de Burriana in a flurry of ice-cream bars and souvenir shops.

Sea-view apartments abound by Playa Benajarafe

In the oft-forgotten corner of the Costa del Sol that extends eastwards from Malaga city, Playa Benajarafe is both eminently accessible and quiet. Sun loungers can be rented, paellas devoured in the salt-washed restaurants and apartments bagged, just metres from the lapping waves.

Playa Real de Zaragoza for a taste of wilder Spain

Venturing outside of Marbella could bring you close to the mile-long stretch of Playa Real de Zaragoza. Backed by undulating dunes and boardwalks, it's more untouched than some of the bar-speckled sands in the region. You'll also discover enticing terracotta-coloured condos and apartments hiding between the stone pines just behind.

The top towns and cities with Costa del Sol apartments

The Costa del Sol might be best known for its glowing beaches and pearl-blue seas, but there's also plenty to be said for its towns. They buzz with energy from south-west to north-east, running though Moorish-built settlements and whitewashed Spanish centers alike.

Malaga rarely fails to enchant

It's not often that someone will settle with a Costa del Sol apartment in Malaga. As the transport hub of the region with the biggest airport around, the city is usually overlooked. Those who do linger can delve into an old town that's crowned with a honey-hued Alcazaba and packed with masterworks by the city's most famous son – one Pablo Picasso, no less.

Seek out family flats in Torremolinos

With whizzing waterslides corkscrewing above Aqualand Torremolinos and snapping predators awaiting in the Crocodile Park, it's easy to see why this one's a hit with families. You should also find plenty of flat rentals with shared pools and affordable rates.

Travel out to Fuengirola

If you're willing to ride the train from Malaga all the way to its last stop, you'll be rewarded with the wallet-friendly apartment rentals of Fuengirola. The action shifts between the long, sandy beach that lines the promenade to the proud Sohail Castle, a Moorish citadel that now hosts summertime theatre productions.

Where to find luxury Costa del Sol apartments

Everyone likes to feel pampered once in a while and the Costa del Sol might just be the most pampering corner of Spain. With more millionaire yachts and chic designer fashion stores crowding its marinas than you can count, you should never be too far from a taste of luxury. Here are a few places where high-class accommodation is the norm.

Find chic stays in Puerto Banus

The villas of Puerto Banus fan out along the so-called Golden Mile – a long strip of elegant cafés, fine-dining bistros and luxury stays that runs westwards out of Marbella. Beachfront access is very common and you’ll typically find apartments spilling onto patios by the side of glistening infinity pools.

Discover Marbella apartments

Even a mention of the name Marbella is enough to evoke images of glimmering yachts and haute fashion outlets. This glitzy town of cocktail bars and casinos is the original A-lister haunt on the Costa del Sol. Its apartments live up to the reputation, too, touting hourglass-shaped pools in gardens peppered with palms trees.

Casares beckons away from the coast

Less than 30 minutes' drive back from the sun-splashed sands at Estepona, the white town of Casares is a picture of quintessential Andalusia. It makes for a fine luxury escape, offering real seclusion between the cacti-spotted hills, not to mention one of the most acclaimed golf courses in the whole region.