Feel the allure of the serviced apartment

A serviced apartment offers the best of both worlds – the freedom of your own place with some of the extras that come with traditional hotels. Housekeeping staff, dedicated front desks and even concierges could be present, but you'll still retain the comfort of a private lounge and the added flexibility of a self-catering space. This guide reveals just a few of the tempting destinations in which serviced stays are common. Where will you choose?

Get serviced apartments in the UK

The UK has plenty of private flat rentals with a few added frills. They're a great choice for city breakers who like to manage their own time and schedule, whether on a business trip or a sightseeing mission. Some of the top spots to consider in Old Blighty are listed below.

Manchester has serviced apartments

Football-mad Manchester has plenty of serviced apartments in the vicinity of Old Trafford – just in case you're coming to catch the Red Devils play on the famous turf. There are also lots in the bohemian hub of the city, the Northern Quarter. Settle there to be surrounded by cool barista-led cafés and creative cocktail bars that thrum with indie music.

Be enthralled by London

Serviced apartments in London are a great way to give yourself a little extra control over your stay in the Big Smoke. With your own kitchen, you won't be tied to the pricy restaurants of Soho and Piccadilly. What's more, you'll have space to put the feet up and relax after those long walks down the Southbank to see the London Eye and the soaring Shard.

Near the history of Edinburgh

A flat rental in Edinburgh is a great way to go if you're keen to immerse yourself in the UNESCO-tagged Old Town of the Scottish capital. With the mighty castle rising overhead, you could even get a serviced apartment near the Royal Mile – a long stretch of flagstone-covered road that's got the historic Tron Kirk Market and countless haggis-touting pubs to boot.

Serviced apartments in long-haul destinations

The joy of serviced apartments is that they stay very similar all around the globe. Yes, Asia's flats might have a few nuances and an extra focus on outdoor space, but you can still expect the same housekeeping, the same privacy levels and the same self-catering facilities. Consider them for hops to the following destinations.

Discover serviced apartments in Singapore

In a city that's tight on space, serviced apartments in Singapore can be a breath of fresh air. The increased square meterage of these flats often means they trump traditional hotels when it's time to unwind. That makes them a great choice for business travellers fresh from the high-rise boardrooms of Downtown Core, but also perfect for sightseers who've been wandering the walks of Marina Bay and bustling Chinatown.

Serviced accommodation in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a mass of soaring skyscrapers and fizzing shopping streets, clogged with markets. It's possible that you'll get a serviced apartment in these parts with a great view over it all, not to mention a shared pool space and a gym. They can really add to the experience, offering sweeping panoramas of the Petronas Towers as the sun sets over the city.

Your own space on the Gold Coast

Floor-to-ceiling windows reveal stunning vistas of the cobalt-blue Pacific Ocean, all along the shores of Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Fusing city living and good-time beach vibes, they are just steps from some of the most celebrated surfing spots in the country – one to consider if you're bringing the board in tow.

Serviced accommodation in Europe

Whether it's a weekend break to the boulevard of Champs-Élysées or a bout of tapas down Las Ramblas that you're after, a serviced apartment in Europe could offer that extra bit of urban freedom. Check out these alluring destinations on the continent.

A flat in Paris

Paris enthralls with visions of the Eiffel Tower and the bulbous dome of the Sacré Coeur. A flat rental of your own might even offer views of those landmarks, whilst also giving the feel of a real local's pad, being worked in to bustling neighbourhoods, such as the Canal Saint Martin and Montmartre, where boulangeries and cafés hide on every corner.

A budget-friendly stay in Krakow

You might just be surprised how affordable some of the serviced apartments are in Krakow. What's more, oodles of budget flights hop straight from the UK to the Polish city, meaning you could easily string together a couple of days wandering the UNESCO Old Town, snapping shots of the medieval Wawel Castle and delving into the deep Wieliczka Salt Mines.

Your serviced apartment in Barcelona

If you're not one to contend with the crowds of Las Ramblas, come the evening, then the cooking facilities and relaxed lounge spaces of a serviced apartment in Barcelona could be what you're after. Once you're done wondering at the soaring spires of the Sagrada Familia or lazing on Barceloneta Beach, you can head home to crash on the sofa.