Choose freedom and convenience with short-stay apartments

Providing self-catering facilities and a little extra lounging room, short stay apartments are a fine choice for city breakers and business travellers alike. They offer flexibility and freedom, no matter whether that's between the bicycle-clicking streets of Amsterdam or the bustling blocks of Central London.

The joys of short term apartment rentals

Here, we take a look at just some of the features that make short term apartments a fine choice, whether it's the privacy of your very own pad or the bigger square metre count.

Added freedom and flexibility

Booking a short term apartment over a traditional hotel means being the master of your very own travel ship. You won't be tied to rigid breakfast times or curfews, have bustling reception areas downstairs or shared lounges. You get the freedom to come and go however you please, not to mention the addition of self-catering facilities, so you can really get stuck into the beckoning street markets and try your hand at the local cuisine.

More space to spread out

Because you get a whole apartment to enjoy with this sort of stay, you also usually get plenty of room to drop the bags, put the feet up and unwind. For business travellers, that can also mean extra workspace, perhaps even with a dedicated office and desk, at which to unfold the laptop.

Feeling like a local

Short stay apartments are great at mimicking exactly what it feels like to be a native of a city or town. You could even be sharing a block with people who've lived there for years. And you get to explore more off-beat areas where hotels don't stray, to unearth local cafés, bars and eateries to your heart's content.

Here, we take a look at just 3 destinations where the short term apartment rental could be the perfect choice, whether you're keen on a romantic escape to a loved-up city or a bohemian pad near the coffee shops.

A short term apartment in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is awash with elegant and stylish short term apartments, which you could even find hiding in the brick-fronted rows of the Flemish houses that line the 16th-century canals. Big windows often reveal eye-catching views of the bobbing barges and whizzing bikes outside, while a central location will place you near bustling Dam Square and the wild Red Light District.

A fly-in visit to Paris

Give yourself a place to uncork some Bordeaux white and soak up the majesty of Paris with your other half this year. The added privacy that comes with an apartment rental in the City of Lights might just be welcome after long days of dodging crowds below the Eiffel Tower and along the Champs-Élysées.

Short term apartment rentals in London

The short stay apartments of London are a hit with both sightseers and business travellers. In the area of London Bridge, they could be a stone's throw from the offices of the City of London, which is just across the water, and the soaring cocktail bars of the Shard. In Paddington, you're near the Sherlock Holmes sites of Baker Street, green Hyde Park and even the world-class shopping of Oxford Street.

Chasing great bargains on short term apartments

A short stay apartment can often come in cheaper than a conventional hotel or resort, offering real value to city breakers the world over. There are also ways you can try to keep the cost of your rental down, as outlined in the 3 hints below.

Dodge luxury short stay apartments

While a view of the Eiffel Tower, a plush lounge filled with art, a designer kitchen and ensuite facilities in every room might sound enticing, it's these features of the most luxurious short stay apartments that can often crank up the cost. Avoid them in favour of more humble homes if you're keen to keep the budget intact.

Book early in popular destinations

With the enthralling Canal Ring of Amsterdam or the boutiques of Covent Garden in London right outside their door, it's hardly a surprise that short stay apartments in popular places sell out quickly. So, if you're eager to bag the best deals, you'll need to look early – before they all get snapped up.

Consider looking to more off-beat areas

There's plenty to be saved by heading away from the much-trodden areas of a city. Take London, where Soho booms with pub-goers and theatre lovers, while Shoreditch has plenty of apartments for lower rates, just a couple of Tube stops away.