An inspiring guide to Corfu villas

No matter if you come for the fusion of Venetian and Byzantine architecture that awaits above the lanes of Corfu Town or for the dazzling vistas of pine-crowded bays that stretch along the coast of this gorgeous Greek Island, you’ll find a perfect selection of villas to rent in Corfu. They dot all corners of the Ionian jewel, offering access to the blinding beaches and the soaring mountains alike. This guide reveals some of the top places to look for Corfu villas for rent, along with hints and tips about how to get good deals and what to expect.

Finding bargains on villas to rent in Corfu

If you're keen to stash as many euros as you can for those mezze platters of Greek olives and sizzling saganaki cheese, there are some sure ways you can keep costs down when booking Corfu villas.

Book early if you're coming in the summer months

The months between June and July are high time for holidaying in these sunny reaches. That means it's wise to get your booking in early for a trip then, particularly if you're after Corfu luxury villas or beach villas in Corfu, both of which will tend to sell out fast.

Opt for a late-season stay

Corfu isn't one of the greenest islands in Greece for nothing. This corner of the Ionian Sea gets considerably more rainfall than other parts of the country, imbuing its olive-dressed valleys and cypress forests with an emerald sheen. However, the downpours typically only start in a trickle in September and October, while the beaches clear of bodies and the cost of Corfu villas plummets.

Go off-radar to inland Corfu

While most Corfu villa holidays will be anchored by the sea, there's no reason why you can't venture away from popular resorts like Kassiopi and Mesoggi and head into the rugged mountains that cover the heart of the island instead. Rentals there often come with swimming pools to help handle the heat, sat close to charming taverna-packed towns like Felekas and Sokraki.

The Ionian region is no stranger to the jet-setting crowd. Sleek villas with a modern edge combine with sumptuous cottages that channel historic charm throughout their design, meaning you should find it easy to put together a luxury Corfu villa holiday.

Discover Corfu villas, Kassiopi-style

Kassiopi is such a stunner of a resort that it even managed to charm the Roman emperor Tiberius, back in the 1st century. These days, it's the focal point of Corfu luxury villas. Options range from tranquil stone homes with bougainvillea-strewn patios to private mansions where glistening infinity pools spill into views of the sky-blue Ionian Sea.

Corfu Town is there for lively stays

The vibrant lanes and souvenir shops of Corfu Town have plenty to keep shoppers and coffee lovers happy. But it's the rich history that really catapults this one to the top of the list. The Old Fortress towers over it all, a muscular citadel that was once the seat of Venetian power on the island. Meanwhile, the regal streets of pastel-painted villas hide the Mon Repos mansion – the birthplace of Prince Philip, no less.

Pinpoint Corfu villas for rent in Agios Stefanos

Just around the headlands of north Corfu from Kassiopi, the bays of Agios Stefanos are the stuff of Corfiot postcards – think cascading dashes of pine forest, olive farms and citrus groves, hemmed in by glowing pebble beaches and aquamarine seas. The coastal hills here also host some luxury rentals, most with air conditioning, sleek pools and panoramic terraces.

Where to find Corfu villas right by the beach

Being an island, and an island in the midst of the bath-warm Ionian Sea at that, Corfu certainly isn't short of holiday rentals right by the sea. Here are just 3 spots where you can expect to find stays set to the sound of the lapping waves.

Paleokastritsa is steeped in myth

It's said that Paleokastritsa is the bay where the hero Odysseus landed his ships, back in ancient times. It's a wonder he ever managed to leave Corfu if this was his introduction to the island. It's dotted with spire-like rock formations and steep cliffs, all threaded with yellow-white beaches and yacht-bobbing bays.

Kalami has pebble coves and Corfu villas

The pebble-peppered coast of Kalami is known for its peaceful and relaxed vibes. Head this way if you're looking for a Corfu villa holiday that's filled with languishing Greek lunches and afternoons spent getting lost in your book.

Mesoggi is the gateway to south Corfu

Mesoggi is a postcard-perfect bay that arcs around the coast just south of the main island town. Rows of tavernas converge on the shoreline where there's a long pebble-sand stretch where it is possible to rent sunbeds. Some excellent examples of southern Corfu villas straddle the surrounding hills.