The town of Pollensa is a breath of fresh air in the shadow of Mallorca's great mountains. Between clusters of olive and orange trees, it huddles in the peaks like a honey-hued jewel. Nearby, the twin town of Port de Pollensa offers salt-washed marinas, vibrant cocktail bars and some seriously stunning beaches. Sold? Use this guide to seek out the perfect Pollensa villa for you.

Areas to seek out your Pollensa villas

If you're certain that Pollensa is the place in Mallorca for you, read on for tips on the various parts of town, each of which has its own unique style and character.

Pollensa villas in the old town

At the very eastern end of the Serra de Tramuntana, the historic heart of Pollensa is cradled in a small crevice in the mountains. Cypress trees and pines shroud the streets between the honey-stone buildings before opening onto the vibrant Placa Major square. There are plenty of little boltholes that you could call your own for a holiday in the neighbourhood, hidden down narrow cobbled alleys or under crumbly medieval archways.

Pollensa villas along the Cap de Formentor

Heading to the long Formentor headland that juts out of Mallorca's northern tip means trading the vineyards and olive groves for sheer-cut cliffs. On account of the steep terrain, there's not an overload of places to stay here, though the ones that do cling to the rocks often have jaw-dropping panoramas of the Balearic sea from their private pools and terraces.

Pollensa villas in Port de Pollensa

Pollensa is usually divided into the old centre and Port de Pollensa on the coast. The latter is the place to go if you want views of boat-bobbing Mallorcan harboursides from your villa window. It's more modern than Pollensa proper, coming fringed with a pine-shaded promenade that arcs around a row of grand mansions and bustling aperitif bars.

What to expect from Pollensa villas

Choosing the right Pollensa villa for you means homing in on the features that will make that Mallorcan getaway a truly special one. Some are listed below, from enticing pools to panoramic patios.

Pollensa villas with private poo ls

Although Pollensa clutches the end of the Cap de Formentor with its dramatic beaches and coves, there's always a reason to book somewhere with its own private pool. Choosing a deluxe stay with a swimming spot outside means you won't even have to leave the comfort of your villa to cool off from the scorching Balearic heat. You can also be guaranteed to have the water to yourself for those morning and evening dips.

Pollensa villas with a view

While some Pollensa villas huddle with the beige-stone homes and churches of the old town or crowd the Pine Walk along the shore of the port, there are also lots that rise above the Mediterranean Sea with high-placed perches on the cliffs and surrounding hills. Those are the rentals to pick if you enjoy waking to sweeping vistas of vineyards, citrus orchards and shimmering shores.

Find a family-sized Pollensa villa

The relative quiet of the Mallorca north shore means it's a regular favourite among family holidaymakers, who often flock here in search of 4- or 5-bedroom stays. There are plenty of lettings to suit, coming with sleeping arrangements that are great for the whole crew – think a mixture of twin beds, bunks and doubles.

Hints for scoring a great deal on Pollensa villas

If the travel budget is a little tight but you're still pining for a fortnight of Balearic sun, wines and seafood, you could try the 3 tips below to reduce the cost of your Pollensa villas.

Explore Pollensa in the autumn

The consistent temperatures of summer magnetise bring travellers down to the beaches of the Cap de Formentor and Mallorca's north coast between June and July. However, things don't usually get so chilly that you won't be able to don the swimwear until at least the end of September, which is also when the cost of Pollensa villas starts to drop.

Look all around the area for Pollensa villas

With many focusing their search in on the old town area of Pollensa and the loveable port area, you can often discover plenty more deals by scouring the nearby countryside. You might need a car to reach your home away from home, but you can also expect to find places with room enough for the family and maybe even lower rates.

Book as early as you can

One sure way to give yourself a chance of scoring a bargain in the region of Pollensa is to get in there with your booking as early as you can. Sorting your Mallorcan bolthole months in advance means more places to pick from and more potential wallet-friendly deals before they get snapped up.