Finding the perfect Tuscany villas for rent

Tuscany might just have more holiday rentals nestling between its vineyard-blanketed hills and iconic duomos than anywhere else in Italy. That means finding the one that's perfect for you can be a delightful dilemma, what with family-sized farmhouses and grand Renaissance mansions alike on the menu. Cue this guide to Tuscany villas for rent, which offers an introduction to the accommodation and some tips for when you come to book.  

The different types of Tuscany villas for rent

Tuscany has a kaleidoscope of accommodations and villas peppering its idyllic backcountry and rising ridges, its towns and its villages. Here are just some examples of what's on offer. 

Discover luxury villas in Tuscany

Those with a healthy travel budget can look forward to some seriously opulent stays in Tuscany. They draw on the rich hertiage of the region with enchanting, historical architecture, or hide out in the countryside to create a real escape to nature. Of course, a private pool is must in these. It'll be waiting outdoors between the cypress trees whenever you wake.  

Holiday rentals in Tuscany for 2

The sheer wealth and spread of holiday options in Tuscany means there should be lots of smaller boltholes that can cater to just 2 people. They can be cosy inner-city flats with visions of the Florence Duomo out the window or quaint retreats near Montepulciano's wineries. They are a fine way to go if you're pining for an Italian honeymoon.  

Family Tuscany villas for rent

It's certainly possible to filter out smaller Tuscan villas to be left with the family stays. These homes tend to be in the country or close to the coast, packing in 4 or 5 or more bedrooms to host the whole crew. You'll also find that communal spaces like kitchens, lounges and – of course – the swimming pool increase in size in multi-person stays of this sort.  

Favourite places to find holiday rentals in Tuscany

From bucolic landscapes to salt-washed sands, Tuscany has plenty of places where you can go in search of that villa rental.  

Luxury villas in Tuscany's countryside

The most iconic backdrop for any Tuscany villa to rent is surely the countryside. A patchwork of olive groves and farms, punctuated now and then with the quintessential silhouette of a Mediterranean cypress tree, it's a fine domain to survey as you laze by the side of your private pool or sip red wine on your sunny terrace.  

Tuscany villas to rent by the coast

With all Tuscany's rolling vineyards and high mountains, green valleys and rural farmers' markets, it can be easy to forget that there's a long coastline in this region, too. It runs up the side of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the carnival-mad city of Viareggio and the wide, mountain-backed beaches of Forte dei Marmi often coming up trumps. There are also islands, with the old haunt of Napoleon Bonaparte of Elba topping the bill with its mix of history and white-sand bays.  

A pad in one of Tuscany's towns or cities

An alternative option for those who love to feel the pulse of Italian life beating all around them is a holiday rental in Tuscany's urban areas. Some of these really stand out from the crowd. There's Florence, overshadowed by a grand Duomo of zebra-striped stone and imbued with the priceless exhibits of the Uffizi Gallery. There's Pisa, home to the Leaning Tower. And then there's Siena, an enthralling UNESCO city that hosts the famous annual horse race, the Palio.  

Bagging cheap Tuscany villas for rent

To bolster your budget for the wine tasting and the tours of Florence's Duomo, be sure to use the 3 hints below to save as much as you can when booking holiday rentals in Tuscany.  

Book your summertime escape to Tuscany early

Between June and August, Tuscany's la dolce vita is in full swing. Holidayers from all across Europe and the globe flock to taste wines and soak up the culture and rays. If you're planning on a summer fortnight, it's important you book as early as you can, because the top-priced homes in the best locations will almost always be snapped up fast.  

Head to lesser-known areas of the region

Tuscany's a vast cut-out of Italy. Like most destinations, it's got its chart-toppers, while plenty of hidden gems pass under the radar. The Tuscan coast is a prime example, where towns like San Vincenzo and lovely Livorno hardly get the same press as cities like Florence and Siena. Seek out those and you might find a load of cheaper Tuscany villas for rent. 

Come in autumn

Even though the days are shorter and the sun less strong, autumn still sees life beating through the fields and villages of hearty Tuscany. That's especially true in the main wine regions, which come alive with harvest festivities all throughout September and October. So, consider booking a pad down in Montepulciano or Montecarlo at this time of year if you love a tipple or 2 – you might just find rates low and appealing.