Destinations and information for booking villas in Paphos

Tasty haloumi mezze and soft-sanded beaches trodden by turtles are the name of the game in south-western Cyprus's best-loved resort. This guide can help you discover villas in Paphos in the most enchanting places, all while offering tips on what to look out for and how to book a bargain.

The types of villas for rent in Paphos

There are all sorts of villas clustering around the beachfronts and hills of this much-vaunted corner of Cyprus. Whether you're after a taste of A-lister living or a comfy pad for the whole family, you're bound to find somewhere that will fit.

Luxury villas in Paphos

The most obvious feature of a high-class Paphos villa is a private swimming pool. Given the high temperatures that roll across this corner of the Mediterranean from May to September, a place to take a dip and escape the heat can really add to the R&R. Other deluxe homes might come with designer kitchens, front-row views over celebrated Coral Bay and large al fresco terraces where you can barbecue your own Cypriot fish and cheese come evening.

Self-catering villas for rent in Paphos

Most villas in Paphos will have their own cooking space, though they can vary in size from house to house. The larger, family-style villas will tend to have bigger stoves, extra preparation areas and dining spaces that can host 10 or more. The smaller, more romantic villas for couples could have just a tight-knit kitchenette.

Family villas in Paphos

Keen to give the whole crew a taste of Cypriot living? That shouldn't be a problem. There are lots of villas with multiple bedrooms in this region, especially if you look to the Blue Flag beachfront of Coral Bay and around welcoming Peyia. From those accomplished resort towns, day trips to the Tombs of the Kings, the Paphos Archaeological Park and the city's lively harbour are all doable between sunbathing sessions on the sands.

Top places to seek out villas in Paphos

If you're pining for the rich ancient history, tasty Cypriot cuisine and glowing beaches of Paphos this year but aren't quite sure where to seek out your villa, read on or 3 of the main areas below.

Find your stay in and around Kato Paphos

For most, the Kato side of Paphos will be just what's needed. It's a grid of buzzing streets filled with haloumi-sizzling tavernas and muscular Byzantine towers, all hugging a wide marina laden with cocktail bars and boat riggings. Next door, the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is the piece de resistance of, some say, Cyprus itself, with resplendent mosaics and Roman-era villas aplenty.

Sleepy living in Ktima Paphos

Trade the lively harbour of Paphos Kato for the calm cobbles of Ktima Paphos and you'll find very different vibes. Life in this lesser-known part of the town is all about trading stories in enchanting Turkic tearooms, glimpsing frescoed churches from the 10th century, and getting lost in the rabbit-warren of lanes that is the old Mouttalos quarter.

Discover villas for rent in Paphos by Coral Bay

Although Coral Bay isn't a part of Paphos town at all, it's a mere 20-minute drive up the coast from the harbour and reigns as one of the most celebrated beaches on the whole island. Backed by clutches of sub-tropical banana trees and cacti, it's a Blue Flag bay where a couple of euros will bag you a sun lounger right by the water's edge. Villas pepper the dusty hills all around, often offering sweeping views across the Med.

How to get a great deal on villas in Paphos

Ensure you hit the bubbling marina and tasty tavernas with plenty of euros for the grilled cheese and those cold beers, all by following these 3 handy hints on how to get a good deal on villas in Paphos.

Book your pad as early as possible

It's no secret that Paphos is one of the Med's top holidaying spots. Great weather, rich culture and acclaimed beaches combine to create somewhere lots of people dream about. The upshot is that villas in Paphos can sell out quickly, which means those who plan their holiday early are usually in line to get the best bargains.

Consider going somewhere that's not so popular

The whole coast that extends to the north of Paphos town is riddled with shimmering beaches and rocky, cliff-ringed bays. Meanwhile, hills rise and rise to join the pine woods of the Paphos Forest, passing rustic villages and empty valleys as they go. Both of these areas contain plenty of villas that might require you to have a rental car but could also come with a lower price tag.

Come to Paphos villas in autumn

Just because the summer is over and the leaves are beginning to fall in the UK, it doesn't mean Cyprus is in jackets-and-coats territory. In fact, things tend to stay positively balmy – think around 22-26 degrees during the day – in these parts through until October. You might need a jumper to keep warm in the evenings, but there will be fewer people sunning themselves on Coral Bay and houses will cost considerably less.