Ibiza, the White Isle, is the fabled home of good-time vibes in the Med. The most rambunctious and lively of the Spanish Balearics, it's got rollicking clubs and cocktail-clinking port towns, all interspersed with shimmering beaches where the tan gets topped up and pine-scented hills where rustic farms reside. Use this handy guide to pinpoint the perfect place where you can seek out villas in Ibiza this year.

Villas in Ibiza near the towns

It's no secret that many travellers flock to villas in Ibiza with just one thing on their mind – letting loose in the bars and clubs that make the White Isle such a famous summertime escape. But that's not the only thing that the towns offer here. They also come with UNESCO sites and pretty people-watching plazas.

Your home in San Antonio

The whole Bay of San Antonio is a great place to go hunting villas in Ibiza if you're eager to have scintillating beaches and buzzing nightlife right on the doorstep. For the former, there are actually 6 individual sands, but it's long San Antonio Beach that draws the tanners. For the latter, start your evenings in the chic bars of the Sunset Strip, which boasts some of the best casual drinking on the island.

Be enthralled by Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town might be a gateway to some of the most famous clubs on the planet, but it's also a fascinating destination in its own right. To see what we mean, make straight for the Dalt Vila area, which cascades down a hill in whitewashed cottages and cannon-topped bulwarks to reveal the 14th-century church of Santa Maria d'Eivissa and little plazas that bustle with cafés.

The island life of Es Canar

The smaller resort of Es Canar on the eastern side of the island is for whiling away days on yellow-sanded beaches and spending weekends trawling through flea markets – the town hosts the well-known hippy bazaar of Punta Arabi. It's also got lots of watersports outfitters, making it a good place to hop on the SUP or sea kayak.

Villas in Ibiza near the beach

There's certainly no shortage of villas in Ibiza within eyeshot and earshot of the beaches and the waves. From the more secluded north coast to the buzzing south, these 3 suggestions range across the island to stoke the wanderlust.

Beaches for families in Santa Eulalia

If you're keen to dodge the daytime drinkers and the partiers, the more family-orientated villas in Ibiza that pepper the town of Santa Eulalia could be the perfect pick. Sat on the east coast, the town has a vibrant promenade that's lined with tapas bars and cocktail places, all anchored on Playa Canina, where you can grab a sun lounger for just a couple of euros.

Find a place in Portinatx

The northern shores of Ibiza are content to leave the limelight to the south. They are probably at their liveliest, however, in the resort of Portinatx, which huddles beautifully between pine-scented hills. Any villa in these parts is likely to be just a short drive from the coves of S'Arenal Gros and S'Arenal Petit, which have soft sands hidden by woods and headlands.

The sparkling island of Formentera

A quick ferry from the port of Ibiza Town can transport you across to Formentera, a small islet that's the second of the so-called Pine Islands. It's primed for those who love beaches, with the impossibly wonderful Playa de Migjorn spreading out with white-hued powder and turquoise seas on its south coast.

What sort of villas in Ibiza are there?

Check out this list of 3 types of villa that dot the island of Ibiza to get some inspiration for when you come to book that home away from home.

Luxury villas in Ibiza

If you're one to chase the high life on holiday then you surely won't be disappointed by the wealth of opulent villas in Ibiza. These aren't just about packing in shimmering pools and palm-shaded gardens. They are also about thought-provoking art in the lounges and al fresco spaces with sweeping views of the Balearic Sea.

Villas in Ibiza for couples

Ibiza's sunsets are to die for, which might just be why there's such an abundance of villas for couples in the town of San Antonio on the western shore. If you manage to bag yourself a pad with a patio there, you might not even need to share the romantic evening views with the crowds of the Sunset Strip.

Family villas in Ibiza

Don't be put off bringing the family to the shimmering White Isle. There are villas enough to cater to the whole crew, with multiple bedrooms, gardens, private pools and more secluded locations away from the thumping clubs. To find them, consider looking to wholesome resorts like Santa Eulalia and Portinatx.