Menorca is proud to be the chilled-out brother of the Balearic chain. Content to leave the clubbing to Ibiza and the mainstay sights to Mallorca, it's more about sun-splashed beaches and good-time vibes. You're bound to find plenty of them in this guide to villas in Menorca, which aims to reveal some of the isle's most amazing spots and holiday rental options.

What types of villas in Menorca are there?

Before pressing ahead with your booking, it's worth thinking about what sort of home away from home you're after in this corner of southern Spain. A few examples are listed below.

Large villas in Menorca

While there's not an overload of oversized villas in Menorca, they are still available. Perfect for groups of multiple families or travelling parties on a hen do or reunion, these places come with bedrooms enough for 16 or more people. They typically boast sprawling gardens and the largest swimming pools of all.

Luxury villas in Menorca

You might leave Menorca feeling like a Spanish monarch if you've managed to bag one of the most opulent stays the island has to offer. Rich interiors of designer kitchens meet sumptuous architecture from centuries gone by outside. Meanwhile, there's always an enticing swimming pool, perhaps even with sea views and wide sunning terraces laden with deck chairs.

Family villas in Menorca

Given its reputation as the quieter and more refined Balearic, Menorca regularly comes up trumps for families looking for a relaxing bout of Spanish sun. Cue the family-orientated rentals that pepper its coast and inland. They are often loaded with handy features like twin rooms, large kitchens and gardens, along with somewhere to park the hire car.

Favourite places to find villas in Menorca

The coast of Menorca is ringed by resort towns and clusters of enticing rental homes, each with its own unique character and style. Use this guide to uncover the place that's perfect for you.

Cala'n Forcat – the main resort hub

When Menorca first became a popular escape in the Med back in the 70s and 80s, it was the town of Cala'n Forcat that led the way. These days, it's expanded into the kingpin of the holidaying scene on the island, offering reams of villas and apartments of all shapes, sizes and budgets. What's more, the mighty forts and grand churches of enthralling Ciutadella are just around the headland.

An authentic escape to Binibeca

The gleaming white cottages and cubist homes of Binibeca are curiously Greek in flavour, but this weathered fishing village still offers a vision of old Spain. Venture over the rocky shores either side of the town and you'll discover plenty of secluded calas – coves – with white sand and turquoise water.

Be by the sea in Cala'n Bosch

You could don the scuba gear and dive under the shimmering waters at Son Xoriguer beach near Cala'n Bosch. Or, you could just lay the towel and soak up the rays on the main beach by the town itself. It's also there that you'll find the buzzing marina district, ringed by elegant seafood bistros and cool bars.

Unwind in Cala Galdana

The villas of Cala Galdana poke out from the pine forests and the palm groves that clad the shores of the resort's wide bay on the south side of the island. Some are seriously luxurious, with plenty of garden space and panoramic terraces and their very own swimming pools. The laid-back town has tapas bars and supermarkets, but the focus is really on gorgeous Cala Galdana Beach – one of the finest on Menorca.

Tips on how to find cheap villas in Menorca

Keep your euros for the boating trips and the designer beachwear by ensuring you follow these top hints on how to reduce the cost of a villa in Menorca.

Come in the autumn

While the hottest days are definitely between June and August, the mercury doesn't tend to dip that much until well into September this far south in Spain. You might need to pack a jumper to keep you warm in the evenings then, but you're also bound to find fewer people on the pebble coves and lower rates in the villas.

Book your villa in Menorca well in advance

There are hefty rewards in the offing for travellers who start their search for rental homes in Menorca's popular summer resorts nice and early. The hottest deals will tend to be snapped up fast, leaving latecomers with slim pickings on the low-cost front.