Trip Boards

Trip Boards are introduced to improve the way families travel together, making it easier and more fun to find the perfect holiday home for the whole family. Available on desktop and the app, Trip Boards enables the holidaymaker in planning-charge to save all holiday homes they are attracted to on their holiday-specific Trip Board and invite all family members they are travelling with to the board as well. The rest of the family is then able to comment on all properties and vote for their favourite one(s) that everyone is involved in the choice of the family’s dream holiday home. 

Get the app here or via the QR code below and enjoy building your family Trip Boards:

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours is Vrbo’s immersive experience of touring the potential holiday home before the actual trip, currently available for more than 25,000 properties. It is a 360 degree experience that helps to see important details of the holiday home that images might not be 100 percent able to. How is the actual layout of the flat? How wide are the corridors? Are there steps to the pool? Those and plenty other questions about the property’s amenities and features can be answered while touring the holiday home from the homely sofa. Or just virtually walk through the French windows out to the sea in anticipation of your upcoming family trip

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About Vrbo:

Vrbo is a Vrbo brand and part of Expedia Group since December 2015. As an expert in family holiday rentals, the company’s mission is to connect holidaymakers to the people and places they love, giving them the space they need to drop the distractions of everyday life and simply be together.

Before Vrbo, second homes were everywhere, but most owners used them only a few weeks each year, and holidaymakers didn’t have a way to easily find them. In 1995, we introduced a new way for people to travel together, pairing holiday homeowners with families looking for places to stay. Since then, we’ve grown into a global community of homeowners and holidaymakers, offering holidaymakers more than 2.1 million online bookable listings worldwide through our partners. 

We believe planning family and group travel should be easy. That’s why we do the hard work to match holiday making families to the perfect place to stay by continuously creating new tools and services.  

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