Foreword and Introduction to Family Holiday Insider 2020

Welcome to the first Vrbo® Family Holiday Insider report, an analysis of the latest trends in family travel and price developments in the holiday rental industry. 

As a family holiday rental expert, Vrbo’s mission is to connect holidaymakers to the people and places they love, giving them the space they need to escape the distractions of everyday life and simply be together. 

This report provides families, holiday-home owners and journalists with industry insights, helping them to find the right place for the right budget to make travelling together more enjoyable. It also discloses what holidaymakers want and expect from their holiday and how holiday-home owners can adapt to those expectations to help families build unforgettable memories when staying in their homes. 

In its first edition, the Family Holiday Insider report focuses on two main topics:

  1. The first Chapter provides insights into the travel habits and trends of travelling families. The reader will find information on who families travel with, where they travel to and what they look out for in their ideal holiday accommodation. But it also takes a deeper dive into the more emotional aspects of travelling as a family by analysing the benefits of seeing the world with loved ones, how exploring different cultures impact a child’s development and how these shared adventures strengthen the bond with each other. It closes with some fun facts around European family travellers, including tips for others on what to do, see and even eat in their home countries.

  2. The second chapter shows the actual price paid by Vrbo UK holidaymakers per person per night for staying in a property listed on Vrbo around the world. Readers will find comprehensive information on where to find the best value for their travel budget, which destinations are hot on the list and where are the best bargains are to be found. The prices shown are in local currency, reflecting both movements in currency and holiday home pricing. All prices are rounded to the nearest Pound Sterling and the percentages to the nearest percentage point.

The international scale of Vrbo, in terms of the number of holidaymakers, holiday homes and global destinations covered, makes this report a comprehensive source for global travel trends and industry insights.  

The report is also available for other European countries in other currencies and languages. 

Foreword – Jeff Hurst, President of Vrbo

I am thrilled to introduce you to the first Holiday Family Insider from Vrbo, a Vrbo brand and a global expert in holiday rentals for families. The Family Holiday Insider is our analysis of the latest trends in family travel and price developments within the holiday rental industry.

When Vrbo started in 1995, the company introduced a new way for people to travel together by pairing holiday homeowners with families looking for accommodation. Now, 25 years later, holiday rentals have become a preferred way to stay and we have made it our mission to connect holidaymakers to the people and places they love, giving them the space they need to drop the distractions of everyday life and simply be together.

I take this mission personally because I have a holiday home listed on, and so many important moments of my life have happened in holiday homes. I got engaged in one, watched my kids build their first sandcastle and taught them how to fish and ski – all while staying in a holiday home on Vrbo.

Every year, millions of holidaymakers spend precious holiday time with their families in one of the holiday homes listed on Vrbo. We are committed to making their experience, from the booking process to the trip and even after their stay, an unforgettable one that lasts a lifetime.

To be able to do so, we need to understand their wishes, needs and expectations. Holidaymakers’ expectations have changed over the past two decades. As holiday rental travellers are getting younger, they travel more often, are more affluent and spend more money on their trips[1]. But they also expect more bang for their buck with amenities, such as free WiFi, toiletries or towels and an easy way of booking and paying for their holiday home online.[2]

That’s why we invest heavily in customer research, data analytics and technical developments to constantly optimise our products and services to suit our holidaymakers’ needs. We ask questions such as who do they generally travel with, what’s on their bucket list, why they encourage their children to see the world and how this affects their kid’s future prospects, to help them find the best value for money when choosing to stay in a Vrbo anywhere in the world.

These and many other topics are covered in our first Family Holiday Insider. There’s a lot of valuable insights in here, so do take your time to have a good browse around the website.

Enjoy exploring!

Jeff Hurst, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Vrbo

[1] Source: Phocuswright’s A Market Transformed: Private Accommodation in the U.S.

[2] Source: Phocuswright’s A Market Transformed: Private Accommodation in the U.S.

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