Bank holidays and events

Every year people all over the world take time out from their busy lives to celebrate the many national holidays that take place. Whether you’re looking for a lively festival or last-minute New Year’s Eve break, there are plenty of exciting events to suit solo travellers and entire families alike. Discover one-of-a-kind festivals in Brazil, film events in Germany and France, and when the bank holiday weekend calls for something different, liven it up with an unforgettable break in Europe. Browse our guide and discover the best ideas for public holidays and special occasions.

Muslim Halal holidays


  • Muslim Halal holidays

    Bank holidays & events

    Muslim Halal holidays

    As a Muslim, it’s important to ensure that your travel arrangements, including food and accommodation, are Shariah compliant, especially if you intend on travelling during the Muslim Holidays. There has been a recent increase in the number of tourism businesses and destinations offering halal products and services. This concept of halal tourism makes it easier…

  • Christmas breaks in Prague

    Bank holidays & events

    Christmas breaks in Prague

    Prague is a popular destination for city breaks whatever the time of year, but it’s at Christmas that this jewel of Eastern Europe really comes into its own. The charmingly intimate streets and ancient fairy-tale like buildings lend themselves well to becoming a winter wonderland. For children, it will feel like being in a Disney…

  • 8 awesome and unexpected places to see in the New Year

    Bank holidays & events

    8 awesome and unexpected places to see in the New Year

    If you’re tempted by a last-minute New Year’s Eve getaway this season, we’ve rounded up a few places you may not have considered, all of them welcoming in the New Year in style. Read about both traditional and modern ways to celebrate the end of 2019 and start of 2020 in our atmospheric locations all…

  • Budget New Year’s Eve

    Bank holidays & events

    Budget New Year’s Eve

    Why is it, whenever New Year approaches, we are reminded of the quickness of time passing? ‘I can remember last New Year as if it was yesterday,’ we say, as another year comes to a close. With so much going on over the summer, and of course the chaotic build-up to Christmas, it can be…

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