Every year people all over the world take time out from their busy lives to celebrate the many national holidays that take place. Whether you’re looking for a lively festival or last-minute New Year’s Eve break, there are plenty of exciting events to suit solo travellers and entire families alike. Discover one-of-a-kind festivals in Brazil, film events in Germany and France, and when the bank holiday weekend calls for something different, liven it up with an unforgettable break in Europe. Browse our guide and discover the best ideas for public holidays and special occasions.

Events and festivals in France

Bank holidays & events

Steeped in culture, France is famed for its contemporary take on art, fashion and cuisine. As a result, there are plenty of unmissable events and festivals in France - perfect for long weekend breaks and joining in the fun on national holidays. Browse our article to discover just why the Tour de France is the most popular cycling competition in the world and the real meaning behind Mardi Gras, a true French tradition.

Events and festivals in Brazil

Bank holidays & events

Surrounded by the Amazon rainforest and home to over 200 million people, Brazil is a giant cultural melting pot. Famous for their tasty cuisine and vibrant events, it’s no wonder people from around the world flock to South America’s largest nation. The Rio Carnival is perhaps considered the country’s main attraction. However, there are plenty of other festivals in Brazil to enjoy - the Festa do Peão 'Cowboy Festival' and the Brazilian Oktoberfest - are just two examples. Discover how you can join in with the Brazilian celebrations!

Events and festivals in Germany

Bank holidays & events

In addition to being just a stone’s throw away from the UK, Germany offers a lively assortment of events throughout the year. From Munich's world-famous Oktoberfest to Leipzig's Bach Fest - dedicated to composer Johann Sebastian Bach - cities all over the country hold exciting celebrations to please music buffs and beer connoisseurs alike. To experience the fun and games like a true local, complete your break with a private holiday rental from our collection.