Exciting destinations for cheap breaks in Europe

Feeling burned out and wanting a breather? Then it's time to recharge your batteries and go on a short holiday in good old Europe. Why Europe, you may ask. In Europe, you're likely to encounter scenery, food, culture, and many other things that may be so different from what you're used to. A change in scenery is sure to refresh you so you can return home renewed and ready to face your daily grind once more. You don't have to empty your bank account for that much-needed time off too. Check out these ideas for exciting cheap breaks in Europe.

Enjoy a dose of sunshine with cheap breaks at the beach

Cheap breaks at the beach are perfect if you're the type who thinks that short holidays are best spent getting dosed on sunshine and vitamin sea. Europe has plenty of affordable beach destinations where you can have as much fun under the sun as you want.

Explore the mythical beaches of Cyprus

The myths of Cyprus can add a sense of wonder to your beach holiday. After all, it's not everyday you can say you've dipped your feet in the waters that gave birth to Aphrodite. Staying at beachside villa rentals there will allow you to drink in the spectacular seaside views on this island. If you get beached out, you can tour Cyprus' UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like Aphrodite's Sanctuary and the Tomb of Kings.

Dive into the undersea world of Malta

The waters around Malta are reportedly some of the best for diving in Europe, with its wealth of coral reefs and shipwrecks. If you're into diving, you can check out the holiday lettings close to the dive sites. At Malta's beaches, you'll also find plenty of opportunities for water sports, such as windsurfing, water skiing and parasailing. Inland, you can explore the cultural wonders left behind by the peoples that conquered Malta in the past, including the Romans and the Crusaders.

Relax in the pocket beaches of Nice

The French Riviera has a reputation of being the playground of the rich and famous, but you can easily score cheap breaks there. In Nice, you'll find plenty of free public beaches. They may be small and can get crowded, but the sand is fine and the views are spectacular. Besides, you can beat the crowds by staying at a holiday home close by and showing up early.

Take a breather at these cheap last-minute city breaks

If beaches aren't your thing, you can still get away for a short holiday to a different city. There are a lot of places in Europe where you can enjoy cheap last-minute city breaks, discovering new things and soaking up new experiences.

Pedal your way through Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. A bicycle is certainly one of the more convenient ways to get around the city from your holiday home, as a bike will allow you access to neighbourhoods that may be too difficult to navigate with a car. One such neighbourhood is Jordaan, an artsy district known for its narrow roads, quirky shops, independent art galleries, trendy restaurants and lively music halls. You can also bike your way to Museumplein, the museum complex that serves as Amsterdam's cultural heart. To see Amsterdam from a different perspective, you can go on a cruise of its canals.

Admire art in Barcelona

Cheap breaks to Barcelona are excellent opportunities to explore and appreciate the city's vast collection of artworks. And they come in many forms too – from the church art of the Barcelona Cathedral and the unfinished Sagrada Familia Basilica, to the museum complex that holds more than 4,000 of Pablo Picasso's works, to the public murals and statues scattered all over the city. If you're an art lover or simply admire beautiful things, Barcelona is ideal for your holiday rental.

Restore your wellness at Budapest's spas

Since the 1920s, Budapest's thermal springs have earned it a reputation as a city for spas. Few things can cure the feeling of burning out more than a visit to one of Budapest's legendary baths. There you can enjoy a long soak in soothing thermal water surrounded by gorgeous mosaics and artworks, as well as an invigorating sweat inside a traditional sauna. For extra fees, you can indulge in different kinds of massage and medical treatments. No cheap breaks to Budapest, though, will be complete without exploring its vast public gardens, touring its awe-inspiring architectural gems, and tasting its nightlife.