Stress-free options for dog friendly short breaks in the UK

Are you longing for a holiday but can't bear the thought of your precious pooch pining alone at home or in a kennel while you're gone, even for just a short weekend? Well, you don't have to leave your best friend behind while you get away. There are plenty of opportunities for dog-friendly short breaks right here in the UK. It's just a matter of finding holiday lettings that welcome guests of the furry kind, as well as fun things to do that will help you create some great bonding moments with your beloved doggo.

Enjoy the sun with dog friendly short breaks at the beach

Your dog is going to love chasing a stick or a frisbee across the beach with the fresh sea breeze blowing through his fur. And if you're the type who lives for every chance you can get a dose of vitamin sea, you're going to love playing with your pup at the beach too. The UK has many beaches that are ideal for dog-friendly short breaks.

Run free on the beaches of Cornwall

Cornwall's beaches are great for dogs and dog lovers who love to explore. Aside from the miles of coastline covered with either bright yellow sand or pebbles, these beaches have paths to the cliffside where you can drink in marvellous views. From your holiday rental you an also look for rock pools hidden away behind sand dunes. Best of all, many of these beaches are open to dogs all year.

Marvel at the drama of Northumberland's beaches

Northumberland's white-sand beaches have a lot of dramatic features that will make your eyes smile with their beauty. There are beaches with rolling sand dunes covered with grass, and there are beaches with intriguing rock formations. There's even a beach with the magical Bamburgh Castle looming dramatically above the dunes. It would be awesome to start the day with a long walk on the beach with your furry friend from your holiday cottage.

Let loose in the wildness of the Highlands beaches

The beaches in the Scottish Highlands have largely retained their rugged, untamed character. From your holiday home, you can get your pup running for miles on golden sand. In some beaches, the waters are calm enough for your pet to safely go swimming with you. Despite the wildness of the landscape, you and your dog will find the tranquillity of the Highlands restful.

Take your pup to the countryside on dog walking holidays

If you or your pup aren't fans of the beach, there are still plenty of options for dog-friendly breaks you can check out. The UK countryside, for instance, is a visual feast, with lots of walking paths you and your pet can ramble on. Who knows what you and your furry sidekick will discover while roaming the countryside?

Go castle-hopping in Wales

Wales is nicknamed "The Land of Castles." Almost constant battles among the English and Welsh during medieval times led to the building of numerous fortified castles in the border region between Wales and England, which they used as base for quelling local rebellion. Many of these castles are still standing, and many of them are open for dogs to come sniffing around.

Admire Roman ingenuity at Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall near the south of the Anglo-Scottish border is one of the engineering marvels that the ancient Romans have left behind. That this wall remains standing after hundreds of years is a testament to their genius. Every summer, the 84-mile Hadrian's Wall Path that runs alongside the wall is open to visitors, including the furry kind. You can walk this path with your pooch in stages and stay at holiday lettings along the way.

Follow the trails of St. Cuthbert

Another dog-walking holiday you can check out in summer is St. Cuthbert's Way. The 62-mile trail connects the towns of Melrose and Lindisfarne on the Northumbrian coast along the Anglo-Scottish border. The way revisits the life of the 7th-century saint, who was a native of Northumbria. Aside from the religious buildings connected with St. Cuthbert, you and your dog will also pass by stately homes, picturesque villages, open spaces and other points of interest along the way.