Forest holidays are a great way to get back to nature. At ownersdirect we have a fine selection of forest cottages to help you get the most from these stunning natural environments. National forest parks are protected areas and make an ideal, unspoiled location for a great holiday. With plenty of space for family and friends, you can enjoy cooking outdoors or inside on a great forest group holiday. Kids can relax in their own rooms, giving mum and dad space to unwind too. Many properties are pet friendly, and the family can enjoy breaks with their dogs or other pets.

Renting forest cabins from local people give the opportunity to learn tips from the locals to enjoy your holiday even more. Forest holidays are a great opportunity to indulge in some healthy outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing or boating. Alternatively, simply relax and enjoy the pool or sauna at one of our luxury forest homes.

United Kingdom

New Forest, UK | Property # 1707387

The UK is blessed with many fine forests, from the vast forest estates of Scotland in the north to the New Forest in the south. Many of these areas are well-managed by the Forestry Commission, providing lots of opportunities for fun activities and visiting educational centres. Some areas may be closed in the winter, so do check the calendar for availability.

United States

Lake Placid, NY, USA | Property # 4763262

The national park movement was born in the United States and there are now 155 protected national forest areas across the country. Forest holidays are available in many different climatic regions, such as Wake Forest in North Carolina and can be enjoyed all year round. There is exciting wildlife to see and lots of activities to enjoy, such as fishing, hunting, cycling, hiking and climbing.


Whistler, British Columbia | Property # 204003

Canada has a forest area of over 1.3 billion acres. This forest is one of the largest intact forest hills and forest river areas on the planet and offers unrivalled opportunities for a spectacular forest holiday. Forest cabins are available coast to coast and climate ranges from deep winter snows to warm, sunny summers.


Great Ocean Road, Victoria | Property # 9187163

Australia contains some of the most remote and unspoiled areas on the planet. There is a huge diversity to experience, from the vast forest wetlands of Queensland to the more accessible forests around cities like Sydney. It has nearly 150 million hectares of forest, with eucalyptus trees accounting for some 80%. From these forests you can enjoy a huge variety of climates all year round.

New Zealand

Marlborough, South Island | Property # 20041173

New Zealand has two main types of forest, with Beech forest dominating in the south and Podocarp and Broadleaf forests in the north. These are unspoiled, ancient forests where you can travel back in time as you walk beneath the canopies. Enjoy some extreme sports or contribute to the environment by getting involved in some local ecology projects.


Tamil Nadu, India | Property # 8255068

India is a vast country, offering an extraordinary variety of forests to enjoy at any time of the year. These range from monsoon and rainforests to the dry evergreen forests in the east Deccan region. Forestry is the second largest land use in India and there are many reserves where you can enjoy lake forest areas and discover the boundless flora and fauna up close.


Walloon Region, Belgium | Property # 1222198

Belgium offers an astonishing variety of forest landscapes, right in the heart of Europe. These temperate areas are easily accessible and able to be enjoyed all year round. The Ardennes area stretches across the country and offers opportunities for forest holidays throughout the region. Forests such as the Anlier Forest, Mollendaal Forest and Hertogenwald Forest are oases of tranquility in a busy Europe and make great settings for relaxed forest breaks.

South Africa

Limpopo, RSA | Property # 8817122

South Africa boasts many beautiful and wild forest areas to provide the perfect backdrop to your holiday. In forests such as the Tsitsikamma Forest at Plettenberg Bay you will find spectacular scenery as the forest threads through deep canyons down the the ocean shore. There are elephant sanctuaries and centres to explore wildlife and rainforest birds as you soak up the sights of this extraordinary environment.


Nanyuki, Kenya | Property # 4460086

A forest holiday in Kenya will provide an unforgettable experience. Kenya's forests range from coastal to high mountain and rainforests. Here you will find a huge and exotic variety of animal life, including leopards, elephant and rare chameleons. Treetop forest cabins or luxury forest homes provide your forest accommodation as you enjoy these wonders.


Upper Bavaria, Germany | Property # 2323579

Around one third of Germany is covered by forests and these make an excellent resource for forest holidays. The Black Forest in southwest Germany is particularly famous. Here you will find vast and empty forests but also attractions like the Europa-Park leisure park. Water sports are available on Lake Titisee and the area provides extensive holiday activities all year round.