Last minute Algarve accommodation deals

The Algarve is the most popular and beautiful region of Portugal and offers an incredible holiday experience that in many ways betters anything the Med can offer. The rocky coast, long sweeping sandy shores, rolling beautiful countryside, elegant, architecturally stunning towns and villages and laid back relaxed atmosphere give the Algarve a charm and excellence few other destinations can even come close to. The Algarve is a great destination for long or short breaks and you have a great variety on offer. From resort towns to traditional Portuguese fishing villages with beautiful whitewashed houses.

Alcantarilha, Portugal | Property # 1057836

Villas with Pools

Like the Med the Algarve boasts a stunning array of houses and villas and plenty of them have either shared or private pools. The seas around the Algarve are warm in the summer but not as warm as the Med so having your own pool gives you a great place to take a break from the beach and enjoy some peace and quiet. The Algarve has a very peaceful relaxed atmosphere and having a pool only adds to the sense of luxury.


Lagos, Portugal | Property # 8710951

Deals on Villas and Houses

Unlike many parts of the Med the Algarve is much less spoilt by gaudy development which means that houses and villas are generally beautiful, tasteful and elegant. Last minute deals to the Algarve will still let you enjoy one of these incredible properties and you can choose between quiet seclusion in the countryside, the elegant relaxed towns and villages or a private spot, right on the coast, just seconds away from the sea and sand.


Olhão, Portugal | Property # 8061265

Special Offer Apartments

While houses and villas offer you privacy and seclusion you shouldn’t discount last minute apartment deals as the villages and towns of the Algarve are absolutely beautiful. From Lagos to Albufeira and beyond you can find charming towns and villages with beautiful buildings, relaxed street café cultures and beautiful beaches and marinas. Staying in an apartment gives you a great chance to enjoy the Algarve’s unique culture; whether you want to stay in a party town and go clubbing or a local fishing village there are apartments to suit.


Lagoa, Portugal | Property # 8273020

All Special Offer Family Accommodation

Last minute deals to the Algarve give you a great chance to explore this beautiful region of the world with family and you’ll also be able to save plenty of money on your accommodation. Typically just booking a rental for family will save you 30% on hotel costs but with last minute deals the savings are even better. Once you’re there you can save money on living costs and have all the home comforts and entertainments of home with even more luxury.