Enjoy your holiday with your furry friend

Your dog is your most loyal friend, the furry, tail-wagging ally who'll never leave you in the lurch. So why leave your canine companion back at home when you head out on holiday? Thanks to dog friendly rentals popping up all over the UK and abroad, you can take your four-legged mate along with you wherever you go, whichever kind of adventure you decide to have.

Dog friendly accommodation in the UK

The UK is famously friendly toward dogs, so finding a dog friendly rental isn't quite as big a challenge here as in some other countries. Whether your pup wants to wander along a loch in Scotland with you or explore a country lane, you have a great range of options to choose from.

Woof to Wales for a tail-wagging good time

With dog friendly beaches, treats for pups in pubs and miles of trails, Wales might be one of the most dog friendly destinations. If your dog loves water, there’s no shortage of lakes to sail on (and jump off!), such as Bala Lake. Your pup might enjoy frolicking at the foot of one of the many stunning Welsh waterfalls or go for a mountaineering adventure with you on the trail to Snowdon, Wales’s highest peak.

History and nature in Scotland

Brooding crags, mysterious lochs and mist-shrouded peaks are all part of the attraction of the Scottish highlands. Dogs can trot happily beside their humans for hours on end, and curl up nearby at night in their Scottish dog friendly accommodation. If your canine has a more refined taste, you'll be pleased to know that dogs are welcome at most Historic Scotland properties.

A holiday for Fido in the Staffordshire countryside

From touring historic homes to browsing the famous local pottery, Staffordshire has something for everyone in your group, including your furry family members. In fact, as a county that’s eponymous with a breed of dog, it’s almost inevitable that Staffordshire will have plenty of dog friendly rentals.

La Belle France for our furry friends

Our neighbours across the Channel are as fond of their canine copains as we are, and it's not unusual to find dogs sitting by their owners’ feet in most public spaces around the country.

Travel back in time with your dog in Normandy

If you are fascinated by history, you might find it hard to leave this stretch of France that played such a pivotal role in the world wars. You can visit the D-Day beaches and war cemeteries, or marvel at the church spires of Rouen. Normandy also is where you'll find Monet’s original water lilies and the site where Joan of Arc was burned. Your doggies can enjoy plenty of French treats when they tag along on a dog friendly holiday here.

Bask in the beauty of Burgundy

Dogs might not be wine aficionados, but they can be assured of a warm welcome in this famous wine-growing region. Burgundy is also rich in history, and you can soak it in while touring the 900-year-old Abbaye Fontenay or the Basilique Ste. Madeleine, which was founded in 880 AD. There are plenty of gastronomic treats to be had here too, and many places are more than happy to let you and your dog enjoy a meal or a drink together.

Chamonix, a mountaineer’s delight

At the base of Mont Blanc, where Italy, France and Switzerland meet, lies Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, or simply Chamonix. One of the oldest ski resorts in France, this was the site of the first Winter Olympics. While mountain climbers and ski enthusiasts might be the most avid visitors, the more laid-back ones in your group can enjoy the scenery also by taking advantage of the cable cars and rails.

A Swiss idyll for your furry companion

If you have a hankering to see the soaring Alps with your dog, don't worry because there are many dog friendly accommodations in the area, and public transport isn't an issue either. Simply pick up a Day Card for Dogs pass and your furry friend can travel on Swiss public transport, whether by train, bus or boat. If your pet is 30 cm or less in height, they can get a lift for free.

The great outdoors in Berner Oberland

Starting at the gateway town of Interlaken, Berner Oberland dog friendly rentals are easy to find and plentiful. Picture-perfect mountaintops, lush valleys and an away-from-it-all vibe make this region a paradise for hikers, human and furry alike. A good base of operations is a holiday cottage in Gimmelwald, a village perched halfway up a mountain overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley.