Keep everyone happy on your holidays with children

When you're taking the kids on holiday, you might opt for a destination that's specifically geared up for children, or at least somewhere that offers plenty of things to keep them occupied. Whether it's theme parks or ski slopes, stunning beaches or exotic wildlife, play the generation game and stay young at heart when you're planning a holiday with all the family. From luxury beach apartments to laid-back villas in all-inclusive resorts, it's a good idea to spend some time finding the ideal holiday rental for you and your children.

What type of holiday do you have in mind?

When you're planning a holiday with your kids, it can be tricky trying to please all the family all the time. So consider what kind of experience you want to give your children, while also remembering that holidays are meant to be fun for you too. Whether it's a luxury skiing trip or an all-inclusive fortnight in the sun, you'll want them to have the time of their lives and bring back some great family memories.

Make your holiday child friendly

What makes for a great child-friendly holiday? It all depends on the sort of things your family are into. They might enjoy staying in a holiday home close to the organised attractions of a beach resort, or maybe they'd prefer spotting some exotic wildlife. Most kids love a swimming pool and can happily spend all day splashing around, but if you'd rather not be on full-time alert, it's a good idea to look for places where a lifeguard is on duty to keep an eye on them. And you might want to check if there's a kids' club nearby, so they can run around while you take some relaxing time out for yourself – after all, it's your holiday too.

Pay up front and go all-inclusive

All-inclusive deals mean you don't have to worry about shopping for supplies and cooking meals. There are holiday homes around the world that come with all the benefits of being part of a larger resort complex, where food and drink are included in the cost. And kids' activities often come as part of package too. From Alpine ski resorts to tropical hotspots like the Maldives and the Dominican Republic, there are thousands of places where you can sit back and completely relax.

Luxury holidays with children

Taking the kids on holiday doesn't mean you can't be decadent, with all sorts of luxury rentals catering to families. Dubai is now one of the world's top destinations, and it's peppered with deluxe resorts where you can play in a water park all day before eating at a top-end restaurant in the evening. At the opposite end of the thermometer, you could always take the family on a winter break in the Alps, where catered chalets are all the rage. All meals are prepared for you by private chefs in the comfort of your own holiday home.

The best destinations in the world for fun holidays with children

Whether you're planning a short hop to Europe or an intercontinental long haul, it's not always kids' stuff when it comes to keeping them occupied and entertained. For some places it's clear from the start – Orlando, for instance – but there are countless destinations that you might not automatically think of as child friendly where youngsters can actually have a great time. These places usually have private holiday lettings nearby that will suit any size of family.

Europe's finest for holidays with children

There's a plethora of holiday options in the Mediterranean, but Majorca takes the top spot when it comes to family holidays. As well as great beaches, the island is full of attractions and trips to keep kids entertained. Closer to home are the colourful charms of Disneyland Paris and, if you'd rather not stay in the resort itself, you can book a private holiday rental close by. For a winter getaway, you might want to take your youngsters skiing in the Alps. Many resorts have dedicated children's slopes, so they can learn in safety before joining the grown-ups on the main slopes.

Kid-friendly trips around the world

For a warm welcome and some awe-inspiring scenery, Canada is a great place for a big family adventure. The Canadians are a friendly bunch and the country offers plenty of attractions that kids will enjoy. Similarly, the famous theme parks dotted around Orlando in Florida are on top of many families' must-see lists. For a more exotic experience, Thailand is an old hand at welcoming foreign visitors. From the beaches and islands of the south to the jungles and elephants of the north, the Thais' easy-going nature and distinctive culture will enchant many children.