Your choice of holiday rental plays an important part in setting the mood for your holiday or special out-of-town event. If you're going away with a large group, it only makes sense that you get a big house for rent to accommodate you all. You have plenty of options when it comes to renting large holiday homes. You just need to figure out what you want to do and what you need to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Check out these popular types of big holiday lettings and see what suits you best.

Luxury big houses for rent for classy getaways

If you're expecting guests you need to impress on your out-of-town event or if you simply want to stay in posh surroundings during your holiday, luxurious big houses for rent may be exactly what you need. Such holiday homes will have a variety of upscale amenities – including hot tubs and private pools, fancy bathrooms with large bathtubs, a well-stocked bar and maybe a garden. Some of these homes are even equipped with their own karaoke and cinema. If you really push the boat out you may even land yourself a butler, a personal chef and maid service on call.

Possible destinations for luxurious big house holidays

Stately big houses for rent for Downton Abbey fantasies

If you're a fan of Downton Abbey, you may have had moments when you envied the Crowleys' lifestyle, where they had an army of servants waiting on them hand and foot and every luxury money and influence can buy. For a few sweet days, you can pretend that you're a noble lord or lady by choosing a stately house as your holiday rental. There, you and your group can spend the day exploring your temporary estate on foot or on horseback. By afternoon, you can enjoy high tea served by a footman. In the evening, you can dress up in your best finery to attend a formal dinner. You'll have a full staff led by a butler and a housekeeper attending to your needs. If you fancy it, you can take your fantasy up a notch by renting a castle instead of a mere stately home.

Ideas for big house holidays in stately homes

  • Costume parties such as medieval feasts and Harry Potter birthdays

  • Gothic mystery dinner parties

  • Corporate events

Big houses for rent near the beach

Does your idea of a perfect vacation involve digging your toes in the sand, catching the scent of salt in the breeze, and getting wet and tanned under the sun? Then you may want to book a large cottage near the beach on your big house holiday. You can find such a holiday rental right on the beach or a short distance away. It can be a simple home where you can do your own cooking, perhaps with space for a barbecue. Or it might be a fully staffed villa rental with a private pool, hot tub, en-suite bathrooms and views of the sea.

Ideas for big house holidays near the beach

  • Graduation parties

  • Summertime family reunions

  • Beach weddings

Affordable self-catering big houses for rent

Let's suppose that you just need a large place to host your event and you're on a limited budget. You don't need a lot of frills, just the basic things you need to make sure that your shindig goes smoothly. For that, you probably don't have to leave town to find big houses to rent that will suit your needs perfectly. London alone has plenty of centrally located self-catering townhouses that are roomy enough to hold a large number of people. Such a home will have a fully equipped kitchen so you won't have to go to a restaurant for your meals unless you want to. If you need to go on a supply run, it's likely that you'll find a late-night supermarket nearby. And if your party decides to go on a pub crawl, you can find a few good watering holes a short walk away. You can also use your holiday rental as base for your party's sightseeing tours.

Events appropriate for self-catering big houses for rent

  • Family reunions

  • Parties

  • Corporate events