Awesome UK destinations for hen party houses

Is your best friend about to become someone's wife and you're tasked to help her say goodbye to her maiden days? One of the best ways to give her a proper send-off is to take her to a holiday at a hen party house with her girlfriends. There you can play the party games you want, exchange intimate secrets, get royally pampered and do whatever else will make the bride-to-be feeling special. You don't have to leave the UK or spend much to find great hen party houses. Check out these girls' holiday destinations a few hours away from you.

Bath hen party houses are for getting pampered

Bath is a spa town and one of only a few cities in the UK where you can bathe in natural thermal waters. If your hen has been feeling stressed out with all the wedding preparations, you can treat her to a spa holiday in Bath. She and the rest of the gang can enjoy an evening soak at the open-air rooftop pool of the Thermae Bath Spa and marvel at the surrounding view. You can follow up that soak with a massage and other body treatments. Thermae Bath Spa also has private pools you can book for your hen party. After you're done with your soak and other spa treatments, you can indulge your hen's inner foodie with dinner at one of Bath's gastropubs. For a taste of history, you can use your hen party accommodation as a base for touring Bath's architectural gems, such as the original Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Royal Crescent and Pulteney Bridge.

Liverpool hen party houses are for Beatles fans

Is your bride-to-be a Beatles fan? In that case, you can check out the Beatles- or mod-themed hen party houses in Liverpool and give your girl a bespoke Beatlemania experience. You can take her on a magical mystery tour of Liverpool locations connected to the Beatles, such as each member's childhood homes and places that inspired their songs like Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. You can then go on a crawl of pubs featuring Beatles cover bands. Even if your hen is not a fan of the Beatles, there are still plenty of things to do on a hen party in Liverpool. You can see an adult modern circus or a Brazilian carnival. You can take your girl shopping for outfits more befitting of a Mrs. Or you can just take her out for a night of serious clubbing; after all, it may be a long time before she sets foot in a club again.

Manchester hen party houses are for gin joints and cocktails

Does your hen have a more refined taste in drink and won't settle for just about any liquor? Then you can find hen party houses in Manchester that are within short walking distance to a trendy few gin joints and take your girl on a tasting tour of Manchester's gins. At least 10 UK gin brands call Manchester home and the city is quite proud of its homegrown gins. At your gin-tasting party, you can learn how Manchester's gins are made and how to make cocktails using them. Aside from gin and anything else gin-related, there are plenty of other activities your hen will enjoy while in Manchester. You can go zorbing, play miniature golf or shoot paintballs. If your bride-to-be is a fan of Premier League football and United or City have a scheduled home game, then getting some tickets is a must for your party.

York hen party houses are for ghosties and ghoulies

The city of York has all sorts of entertainments that any hen would delight in. But if your hen is a fan of the horror genre, you can take her exploring the dark side of York. York is reputed to be the most haunted city in Europe. While that may sound like a mere marketing ploy, the city has a long enough history of conflict and tragedy to inspire a ghost story or three. The ancient York Minster, for instance, stands on Roman ruins and is said to house ghosts of Roman soldiers. Heritage buildings like York Castle and Clifford's Tower are rumoured to be inhabited by spirits of people imprisoned, tortured and executed there. The narrow, cobblestone-lined streets of the city centre reportedly teem with spirits of the long-dead. If you do go through with this plan, try to book a hen party house with a hot tub so your bride-to-be can get down from her adrenaline rush with a relaxing soak.