Large holiday cottages are a godsend if you need to entertain a large group for any event. These big cottages can give you more than just enough room for your guests to breathe and not feel like they're packed like tinned sardines. They can also have amenities for your guests' comfort and fun that you probably won't get elsewhere, including your own home. Not all large cottages are the same, however, and it's up to you to figure out which type is perfect for your needs. Get to know your options before you search for large cottages for rent.

Self-catering large cottages for cosy bonding

Got extended family coming over for a reunion, perhaps to celebrate a birthday or spend Christmas or New Year together? A self-catered holiday cottage for large groups would be perfect for that. Because your accommodation is self-catered, your group will be largely left to your own devices. This means you'll have to prepare your own meals, run your own errands and such. Nonetheless, you can turn doing these chores into opportunities for bonding with family, especially if you haven't seen them for a while. In a self-catering holiday rental, you'll also have more freedom to do what you want, so you can follow your own itinerary or do fun stuff on the fly.

Ideas for bonding in self-catering large holiday cottages

What kinds of fun can you have in a self-catered holiday rental? It all depends on what you and your group are interested in. If you're into music, you can look for holiday lettings with jukeboxes or karaoke machines. If you're the outdoorsy type, you can search for big cottages in areas like the Lake District or the Highlands where you can spend most of your time doing outdoor adventures.

Manor holiday cottages for large groups and themed events

There are large holiday cottages out there that are referred to as cottages but are actually stately manors in disguise. Some may even be hundreds of years old and have listed status. If you want to impress your group or if you have a themed event in mind, these stately holiday homes may serve you well. You can host a costumed party in such a place or maybe an intimate wedding with a specific theme. You'd be surrounded by luxury while you're there and you'd be fulfilling a fantasy at the same time.

Where to find stately large holiday cottages to rent

The UK countryside is strewn with stately homes or gatehouses posing as cottages for large groups. It's just a matter of where you want to go on a holiday. Northumberland has a number of them, with many offering stunning views of the coast. Another place you can look is Derbyshire, which has Victorian homes and converted farmhouses near the moors.

Luxurious hen weekend cottages

You can always find a great hen party house in town, but if your hen prefers more tranquil but no less luxurious surroundings, you can always search for hen weekend cottages in the countryside. These big cottages are perfect for brides-to-be who aren't really into clubbing, pub-crawling and the other usually boisterous hen party pursuits. At hen weekend cottages, you can arrange for spa treatments, personalised cooking classes, karaoke nights and other fun activities your hen and your girlfriends will enjoy. This type of holiday rental typically offers more privacy as well so you can do whatever you please without disturbing the neighbours.

Pet-friendly cottages for large groups with animal lovers

You don't have to leave your beloved pets alone at home or pining away in a kennel if you can't bear to. Instead, just find cottages for large groups that welcome pets and take your furry friend with you on your holiday. If there are other pet owners in your group, they'd appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the holiday with their own dogs. An ideal holiday rental for pets and pet owners would have areas where dogs can safely hang out and relax, as well as space for them to roam and sniff around. Of course, you still have to make sure that your pet doesn't jump on beds or couches while muddy or claw at the furniture.