Types of holidays that call for large group accommodation

Booking large group accommodation makes sense if you're hosting a big event and you're expecting a lot of people to show up and join you for it. This kind of holiday rental guarantees that you'll have enough room for your guests to get comfortable. It's also likely to have a wide range of amenities to ensure that your group will have fun and feel well taken care of during your stay. There are plenty of types of large accommodation out there. It's just a matter of choosing the type that suits your needs best.

Large group accommodation for stag and hen parties

If you're hosting a stag or hen party for your best mate, you'll want to keep the gang together under one roof in a large group accommodation. This will allow you to maximise bonding time. It also lets you move as a pack from one item on your itinerary to the next. If there are any stragglers, you can easily take care of them back at your accommodation. Most popular city destinations for stag and hen parties like London and Manchester have large holiday lettings that can fit a dozen people or more. A large beach house or a manor will be the thing if you choose to take the party to the beach or the countryside.

Large group accommodation for destination weddings

After a stag or hen party naturally comes the wedding. If you want your wedding to be more romantic, you can ditch the usual church wedding and hotel reception and hold it in a large group accommodation instead. A stately home in the country can provide that intimate setting you want. Or you can go abroad for a destination wedding in a chateau in France or a castle in Italy. If you've got more than 100 people attending your nuptials, you can rent an entire village to host your guests. You'll find luxury holiday homes clustered as small villages in places like Wales and Scotland, or elsewhere in Europe.

Large self-catering accommodation for family reunions

If you belong to a large extended family, it may be fun to get everyone together and see how your various aunts and uncles and cousins are doing. It would even be better if you can spend a few days together under a single roof so you can catch up and renew your family bonds. Such a big family reunion is best done in a large group self-catering accommodation. There you can do chores and run errands together, have meals together, play games together, or simply sit down and have a long chat. For this kind of occasion, you'll need a holiday rental with lots of bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms so no one will have to queue to use the loo. A big garden is also ideal; there you can eat outdoors or run around and play. If you're looking for something more upscale, you can look for large group accommodation with a swimming pool, hot tub, tennis court or basketball court to add more variety to the things you can do for fun on your holiday.

Large accommodation for office outings

Are you tasked to find large group accommodation for your next office outing or team-building exercise? Then, more likely than not, your challenge is to find cheap group accommodation that fits the office budget, has facilities for team-building activities, and yet allows a high level of individual privacy at the end of the day. In that case, you can check out conference centres in holiday destinations. These centres will have meeting rooms and auditoriums equipped with projectors, sound systems, printers, Wi-Fi and the like. They'll also have holiday cottages clustered together where your guests can sleep or stay in between group activities if they don't want to hang out with the others all the time. You can find large accommodation like these in countryside holiday destinations like Herefordshire and Sheffield. An alternative would be to take them in glamping villages with luxury yurts, holiday cottages and facilities for outdoor activities like tennis courts, swimming pools and open fields. You'll find glamping villages like these in Wales and Inverness.