Large holiday homes in the UK to suit every taste

The beauty of staying in large holiday homes on your group getaways isn't just about having enough room to fit everyone comfortably. These homes also have a character of their own that can contribute to the mood and atmosphere of your holiday, thereby making your time there more fun and memorable. No two large holiday lets are alike, so it's up to you to find one that fits your needs best and can fulfil your expectations most. Here are a few suggestions for large holiday homes in the UK that you can check out the next time you're going away.

Beachside large holiday homes for house partying

So you find yourself longing for the feel of the sand between your toes, the salty smell of sea breeze and the warmth of coastal sun on your skin. In that case, you can gather your family or round up your best mates and head to a large home by the beach. A self-catered beachside property is excellent for large group holidays like this. You can stock up on food and drinks and not run a huge restaurant bill or bar tab. You've got enough space to play around indoors and outdoors. And if the holiday rental has its own private beach, you can do almost anything you want – like sunbathe in the nude or have a midnight bonfire – without bothering anyone.

Where to find large holiday homes by the beach in the UK

Heritage large holiday homes for history buffs

If you fancy yourself to be a history buff, then you may find the idea of staying in a historic home thrilling. You get to walk hallways where some lord or lady or other figure from history got to walk centuries ago. You get to dine where they dined, sleep where they slept and marvel at the relics they may have left behind. Scattered all over UK's countryside are large country houses to rent that are, in one way or another, part of the British heritage. Most of these holiday homes have been modernised. Some are self-catered while some have a full staff ready to wait upon your every need.

Where to find historic large holiday homes in the UK

Large family holidays at fairy tale castles

Let's say you have fantasies of living like a fairy tale knight or princess even for just one day that simply can't be satisfied by staying at a historic home. In that case, you can take your large family holidays to the next level by choosing among the many castles scattered about UK as your holiday destination. Most of these fortified large holiday homes have been restored and fitted with modern amenities so you can enjoy your medieval fantasy without giving up modern comforts. Many of these castles also come with a full staff to wait upon you. To make the experience even more authentic, you can dress up in your finest rags for dinner and engage in aristocratic pursuits like horse riding.

Where to find castles for large family holidays in UK

Spooky large holiday houses for horror fans

Do you belong to a group of paranormal fans? Or do you just consider yourselves plucky enough to think that you'll survive a night in a haunted house? You can test your nerves by staying at large holiday homes with a reputation for being haunted. You can spend the night listening for creepy creaking or unearthly moaning, or maybe creeping about the house yourself in an attempt to catch a glimpse of something spectral. Even if the house you've chosen to stay at isn't really inhabited by a supernatural presence, it could be close to a site or landmark reported to be haunted; you can satisfy your paranormal cravings there. There are also places in the UK whose landscapes have an otherworldly appeal and make you feel like you're in the scene of a horror film while you're there.

Where to find spooky large holiday lets in UK