Holiday ideas for large houses to rent in the UK

If you're planning an out-of-town party and you're expecting a small crowd to show up, you can check out large houses to rent in the UK to accommodate your guests. These holiday lettings will have enough space for your guests to move around comfortably. They'll also have various amenities that will allow you to run your party effortlessly and ensure that everyone is having fun. Not all holiday homes are the same, though, so you have to pick one that has the features you need. Here are some ideas to help you decide what kind of holiday rental to get.

Large houses to rent in the UK with swimming pools

The sight of a swimming pool can instantly put your guests in a party mood, especially when the weather is warm. So, if you're planning a party out of town, you can get a holiday rental with a swimming pool so your guests can splash around and cool down. If they don't feel like swimming, they can lounge around the pool with a drink in hand and mingle as they please. But if the weather is too cool for swimming outdoors, you can find a holiday home with a heated indoor pool instead so you and your guests can still indulge in water fun even if it's cold outside.

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Coastal large houses to rent in the UK

Sometimes, it's not enough that your holiday rental has a swimming pool where you and your guests can splash in. If you're the type who is most happy when you can wiggle your toes in the sand and feel cool breeze blowing over water, you probably won't settle for splashing in a mere swimming pool. In that case, you can take your party to a large house to rent near a beach. Aside from swimming, you'll have plenty of outdoor opportunities to take advantage of, like canoeing or sailing. You get plus points if your holiday home has marked hiking or biking trails nearby that you can explore or near a colourful village where you can shop, have a pint at the pub or make new friends.

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Elegant large houses to rent in the UK for weddings

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. One way you can make it truly memorable is by finding a holiday rental that's elegantly decorated and surrounded by plenty of natural beauty. You'll have the romantic setting that you want and you'll have family and friends under one roof to see you get married. There are many large houses to rent in the UK that have set themselves as ideal out-of-town wedding venues, with a chapel on the estate for the ceremony and a grand hall for the reception. These holiday homes may even have in-house event planners that can help you take care of the details of your wedding and make it as stress-free as possible.

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Dog-friendly large houses to rent in the UK

Your dog is your best friend in the world and no party would be complete without them around. So instead of leaving your furry pal in a kennel you can find a large house to rent that welcomes dogs. You can even make it a canine party if your mates have their own furry friends too. A great dog-friendly holiday rental will have space for dogs to relax and a big garden where they can sniff around to their heart's content. It would be even lovelier if there are trails near the holiday home where you can enjoy long walks with your pet. It would be just as delightful if the holiday home is near a dog-friendly beach that you, your friends and your pooch can use as a playground.

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