Discover ideas for large houses to rent for Christmas

How are you spending Christmas this year? If you've got a large family, one great way to celebrate Christmas is to check out large houses to rent at your favourite holiday destination, gather as many loved ones as you can and spend Christmas Day with them there. You can even extend your stay there until New Year's Day if it's possible. But what kind of large houses to rent for Christmas should you be looking at? After all, not all holiday lettings are the same. It all depends on what your family is looking forward to doing on your getaway.

Manors to rent for your Downton Abbey-themed party

The period television drama "Downton Abbey" is a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of fans not just in the UK but all over the world. The show has given us a glimpse, albeit fictional, of what aristocratic life was like in Edwardian England and yet has given us such relatable characters. If you have fans of "Downton Abbey" in the family, you can treat them to a Downton experience by finding manors to rent similar to the Crawleys' stately home. In the daytime, you can explore the estate on horseback and have a picnic luncheon. By afternoon, you can have high tea with the family. Then, upon the sounding of the dinner gong, you can dress up in elegant Edwardian costumes and have a formal dinner. An even better idea is to find large houses to rent near Highclere Castle in Hampshire, the very real stately home that served as the setting for the Crawley drama, and visit the estate grounds on your holiday.

Large houses to rent for your Harry Potter-themed Christmas

It may have been years since the first Harry Potter book landed in the world's bookstores, but the story of the Boy Who Lived still resonates among young people today. If you've got kids and are related to people who are kids at heart, you can get a large house to rent for Christmas and decorate it so it would look like the Weasleys' house, where Harry spent most of his holidays in the books. Or you can find a holiday rental that looks like 12 Grimmauld Place, where Harry spent his last Christmas with his godfather Sirius Black, and decorate it to look like the Black residence. On Christmas Eve, you can have a Hogwarts-style feast and pretend it was all prepared by elves. If your holiday rental is in London, you can take the family to Leadenhall Market, which stood for Diagon Alley, or to Platform 9 3/4 in King's Cross Station.

Large villa rentals for your beachside winter holiday

What if you want to escape UK's winter for warmer climes for Christmas this year? In that case, you can look for large villa rentals at a beach – in Mediterranean Europe, Africa, or even the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. There you can enjoy a golden and sunny Christmas instead of a white and snowy one. You can swim and play on the sand. You can go diving or snorkelling or charter a boat to watch dolphins and whales. And because it's Christmas, you can sing carols while roasting marshmallows on a bonfire and have seafood for your Christmas feast. The best part is you get to experience how other cultures celebrate the Yuletide season.

Self-catering large houses to rent for a simple yet cosy holiday

If you're not planning anything fancy for Christmas and all that matters to you is to have your family and loved ones around you for the holidays, you can find a self-catering large house to rent so you can all be together under one roof. There you can bond while preparing your Christmas feast. After the meal, you can sing carols by the fireplace or play cards or board games. If your holiday rental is in the countryside and the weather is still good for a jaunt, you can head out for a long walk as one group and drink in the scenery around you. Whether your holiday rental is a simple one or lets you celebrate Christmas in luxury, it's nonetheless a celebration of what matters, and that is being able to spend quality time with the ones you love.