5 events when party houses to rent are perfect

Party houses to rent are an amazing solution when you're looking for a suitable venue for your shindig and you can't host it at home. They have amenities that will thoroughly impress your guests and guarantee your event's success. Best of all, you don't have to pay as much attention to the post-party clean-up because the house's staff will take care of it themselves. Renting a party house can take the stress off party planning and allow you to have fun while fulfilling your hosting duties. Now, what kind of shindigs are large party houses perfect for? Here are a few ideas.

Luxurious party houses to rent for stag or hen parties

If your best friend is saying goodbye to the single life, then you need to give him or her a proper send off. One way to do it is to search for party houses to rent for the weekend and organise a stag or hen party for them and the gang. You can do all sorts of harmless fun from the privacy of weekend party houses. You can drink and be merry and play adult games. You can use the party house as a private classroom for learning things like pole-dancing and baking cupcakes. If the party house has a hot tub, you can soak all night in it while sipping champagne. If the party house is in the countryside and has an expansive lawn, you can use the lawn for outdoor activities like archery or clay shooting. London, York and Manchester are popular destinations for stag and hen parties, so you can start your search for party homes there.

Charming party houses to rent for weddings

Large party houses can provide a more intimate setting for weddings. You'll have everyone whom you want to watch you take this step into the next chapter of your life under one roof. You'd be sharing the joy and anticipation of your big day with them through activities like a pre-wedding dinner, which can be self-catered or prepared by a chef provided by the party house's host. The host may also recommend you an events planner who will take care of the details of your big day, from decorating the venue to catering the reception and sourcing the wedding cake. All you'll need to do is to show up, say "I do" and party. You'll get plus points if you can get a party house in a holiday destination known for its stunning natural beauty, like the Lake District or the Scottish Highlands.

Weekend party houses for family reunions

If you have a large extended family that likes to spend time together every once in a while, large party houses are convenient if you don't have a big family home that can fit all those aunts and uncles and cousins. For your reunions, you can get a big holiday rental that has enough bedrooms so the cousins can sleep comfortably in a bed of their own. It would even be better if these bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms so you won't see a queue to the loo. If you have great cooks in the family, you can get a self-catering holiday rental with a lovely and fully equipped kitchen, where the cooks can have a bonding moment while preparing the family's meals. If you've got small children and dogs, a big garden is a must so these babies will have room to play outside the house. There are plenty of these party houses to rent in the suburbs just outside of London.

Elegant party houses to rent for corporate events

Party houses to rent are quite useful if you want a unique setting for your next corporate event, whether it's an office party, a conference, a team-building exercise or a product launch. These holiday rentals will have a staff that can help you with planning your event, such as handling the catering or sending out the invitations. They'll also have amenities that can help you facilitate your event more smoothly, such as meeting rooms, projectors, printers and Wi-Fi. Setting your corporate event at such a venue can greatly impress not just your co-workers and superiors but also your clients and guests.

Cheap party houses to rent for casual get-togethers

What if you don't have a special event coming up? What if you just want to hang out with your mates and your flat is too small to fit them all? You can scour your neighbourhood for cheap party houses to rent where you and the gang can hang out. The party house can have a big room with a big high-definition TV where you can watch live sports or do a movie or box set marathon. You can stock up on drinks and snacks in the holiday rental, which definitely beats having to run a huge bar tab or calling a taxi because you're too drunk to drive. It's even better if the party house has a pool or a hot tub for some extra fun.