Enjoy the scenery on a cheap hot tub break

Picture yourself sitting in a burbling hot tub, perhaps with a nice glass of fizz in your hand. What do you want to be looking at? Maybe spectacular mountain scenery is your thing, or a view of the coast. Or you might prefer the secluded privacy of a forest lodge, with a wood-fired tub surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature. There's a huge variety of holiday rentals in the UK offering hot tub relaxation in all sorts of locations – in fact, there’s probably one just down the road from where you are.

A romantic hot tub break for just the two of you

A holiday home with a private hot tub makes the perfect romantic break for couples who want to get away from it all, and you can keep the cost down with a 1- or 2-night short break. Hot tub holiday homes are dotted around the UK in all sorts of secluded locations, from the Home Counties to the Scottish Highlands, so you can always find the right place for your amorous escape.

Stay in a log cabin with its own hot tub

Many couples’ idea of the perfect romantic utopia involves the rural charm of a log cabin or a remote lodge, with your own soothing hot tub bubbling away right outside. From Devon to Derbyshire, the UK has all sorts of timber-built holiday rentals. The natural materials add a rustic charm and atmosphere to those lazy hours in the hot tub, whether it’s overlooking beautiful scenery, built into a spacious deck or surrounded by lovely gardens.

Making privacy your priority

If the two of you really want to be left alone on your romantic break, look out for properties where seclusion is guaranteed. Many hot tub holiday homes offer total privacy, with garden walls or discreet fences shielding you from the outside world as you unwind in the warm water. Or how about taking your cheap hot tub break at a quiet cabin in the woods, where your nearest neighbours are squirrels and birds, and your love nest is shielded by trees and bushes.

Cheap hot tub breaks can be short but sweet

Of course, a lengthy break at a fantastic hot tub holiday home can stretch your bank balance, so keep the expense to a minimum by making your visit a brief weekend away, or even just 1 romantic evening. Short stays are available at many hot tub locations, especially at off-season times of year – after all, the tub is still hot, whatever the weather. And if you can get away midweek, there’s even more chance of bagging a real bargain. Then sit back and smile about how little you’ve spent as you luxuriate in that hot tub.

Explore the UK hotspots for cheap hot tub breaks

You can find cheap hot tub breaks the length and breadth of the UK, but the most sought-after destinations are a blend of stunning scenery and quiet rural charm. So, whether you want to enjoy your hot tub on the shores of Windermere, among the mountains of Snowdonia or by taking in some of Yorkshire’s vast countryside, check out Britain’s top hot tub havens.

Welcome to Wales for a hot tub break

There’s a welcome in the valleys, as well as in the hills and along the coast of this handsome country, where it can seem like there’s a historic town and an epic castle in almost every valley. From the the Gower Peninsula to the soaring mountains of Snowdonia, you’re sure to find a hot tub holiday cottage to suit you in glorious Wales.

Yorkshire’s charming hot tub holidays

Yorkshire is a pretty big place, so there’s tons of choice when you’re looking for a cheap hot tub break in “God's own county”. The Yorkshire Dales offer sweeping valleys and limestone cliffs, while further east lie the wild uplands and quaint valleys of the North York Moors. And if you want to be near the coast, the county’s North Sea shoreline offers some spectacular vistas and picturesque fishing villages. Whichever you prefer, you’ll never be far from a cosy pub and a warm Yorkshire welcome.

Cheap hot tub breaks in the Lake District

The stunning landscape of the Lake District National Park has been attracting artists and poets for centuries, so why not be attracted yourself by a holiday home with a hot tub? The national park has almost 1,000 square miles to explore, including England’s highest mountain (Scafell Pike) and biggest lake (Windermere). And don’t forget the endless jaw-dropping views.