I want a hot tub break near me – look no further!

Holiday homes with hot tubs are available all over the UK, so if you’re looking to get away but don’t want to travel too far from home, there’s bound to be somewhere within easy reach that fits the bill – it might even be right on your doorstep.

Wherever you are, there’s a hot tub with your name on it

If you’re bubbling with enthusiasm about a hot tub break, a search close to home might throw up some unexpected results. These days, hot tubs aren’t the sole preserve of the most popular holiday destinations – throughout the UK you’ll find holiday homes with their own private hot tubs.

The obvious and the not-so-obvious

Picturesque areas like the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire and Wales are often what whets – or wets! – people’s appetite for a hot tub break, which is great if you happen to live nearby. But you’ll also find hot tub holiday rentals in just about every county of the UK, whether they’re part of a lively holiday park, attached to a nearby farm or even tucked away in a local town. Just decide how far you want to drive, then start searching – you could be amazed at what’s hiding just down the road from you.

What sort of break are you craving?

Everyone’s different and there are many reasons why people look for their perfect hot tub holiday home. So it’s lucky that the choices are just as varied, ranging from short breaks and weekends for 2, to longer stays for families and groups of friends. Maybe the type of holiday home is what matters most – a log cabin in the woods, perhaps, or a quiet country cottage. The options are as varied as the UK’s 100 counties.

A romantic hot tub break for 2 near you

The prospect of soaking up the bubbles while sipping a glass of fizz is a big attraction for couples who want to get away for some quality time together. And there are plenty of cosy holiday homes within easy reach of where you live, from Cornwall to Cumbria and Norfolk to Northern Ireland. Whether you choose hot tubs with rural views or those that are tucked away behind garden walls, there’s something out there that will tickle your fancy for the perfect romantic getaway.

Weekend hot tub breaks close to home

The big advantage of a weekend break is that you won’t need to book time off work, and with a soothing hot tub to relax in as well, that’s got to be the ultimate win-win! So if you just need a calming couple of days lazing in the waters, check out the hot tub holiday homes in your neck of the woods. And if you don’t live close to a major holiday region, you might find your area can offer better availability for weekend breaks, while everyone else gets drawn to more well-known destinations.

Slipping away for just a night or 2

If a short midweek break is what best suits your lifestyle, you could find a real bargain – especially if you’re prepared to go during the “low season” when the kids are at school and there’s more availability. And bear in mind that the water in that tub will still be hot, even if the weather is anything but. Taking a 1- or 2-night break can be an affordable way to wet your whistle and recharge your batteries at a hot tub holiday rental, and many places offer tempting deals on short stays.

Log cabins and lodges with hot tubs

Log cabins are among the most sought-after hot tub holiday homes – maybe all that wood helps us to get right back to nature as we relax in the burbling water. And the chances are that some of these timber utopias could be handy for home, wherever you happen to live. They come in all shapes and sizes, from holiday park cabins with amenities on the doorstep, to quiet retreats that are tucked away down country lanes. In many cases, you wouldn’t even know they were there.