Splash out on a last minute hot tub break

Are you the impetuous type who suddenly decides it's time for a last minute getaway? Perhaps you've got some holiday time left at work that you need to take soon, or maybe you're just not that organised when it comes to planning ahead. Whatever your reason for leaving it late, there are holiday homes with hot tubs all over the UK, which means you can find somewhere to relax while wetting your whistle with a favourite tipple.

What's most important on your last minute hot tub break?

Last minute bookers have different reasons for escaping to a hot tub for a few days. Amorous couples love the idea of cosying up for some quality time together in a bubbling tub. Some people have their hearts set on a traditional log cabin or a lakeside lodge. For others, privacy is the priority for their hot tub break. And some folks just want to spend as little as possible on their decadent hot tub experience.

Romantic hot tub breaks for significant others

If you and your loved one decide on the spur of the moment that you could do with a few days away with your own hot tub, there's a great choice of small and intimate holiday homes out there. From hidden cottages to forest lodges, having a warming tub outside is a great way to spend some special time together – even if you have left it till the last minute.

Go natural with a last minute log cabin break

Being surrounded by wooden walls and timber beams is relaxing in itself, which is why a log cabin is many people's idea of the perfect holiday home escape. And with a swirling hot tub right outside the door, you can feel yourselves unwinding as soon as you arrive. Whether your last minute break takes you to the mountains or the coast, the forest or the fens, that warming hot tub can be the focal point of some truly tranquil time out.

Cheap last minute breaks with hot tubs

If your main concern is keeping costs to a minimum, you may have hit the nail on the head with a last minute break. Especially in the holiday low seasons, booking late could actually bag you a bargain. If it's only a few days till you want to go, keep an eye out for reduced rates where owners are keen to let their holiday homes. Short midweek breaks are firm favourites with the spontanious crowd, who know that weekends tend to fill up first, leaving many properties empty from Monday to Friday.

Hang a “do not disturb” sign on your hot tub hideaway

If privacy is your main motivation for a last minute break, look for a hot tub holiday rental where seclusion is guaranteed. That might be because it's simply miles from anywhere, or in some cases you'll be tucked away behind garden walls. Even some hot tubs on holiday parks get where you're coming from and have discreet fencing to shield you from your neighbours. Hot tubs are available in plenty of places that you just wouldn't know were there – until you turn up in your trunks for a last minute break.

Favourite places for last minute hot tub breaks

There are holiday cottages with hot tubs all over the UK these days and there's probably one not far from where you live. But the most popular areas for last minute breaks are some of the most scenic parts of the country, including the national parks of Yorkshire and the mountains and islands of Scotland. Both have plenty to offer on a relaxing hot tub break.

Find your own hot tub heaven in Yorkshire

With such a huge and varied landscape on their doorstep, it's easy to see why Yorkshire folk are right proud of their county. It contains part of the Peak District and some wild Pennine hills, but the most sought-after destinations are the national parks of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. In the Dales you'll find rustic valleys lined with quirky limestone outcrops, along with pretty villages and welcoming pubs. Further east, the North York Moors offer wild moorlands, deep green valleys and the spectacular cliffs of the North Sea coast.

Get your hot tub in order north of the border

Scotland offers the great outdoors on a grand scale. Nowhere else in the UK can match it for high mountains, huge forests and open spaces. There's also lots of whisky and golf, but if you're coming for a hot tub break you might just want to sit back and admire it all from the comfort of your holiday home. From the wild Western Isles to the lofty peaks of the Cairngorms and the Trossachs, you'll find a wooded glen or a sandy beach that's perfect for your last minute break.