Try a log cabin with a hot tub for your weekend break

Nothing feels as close to nature than staying in a rustic holiday home in the woods. An alpine-style log cabin with its own bubbling hot tub right outside fits most people's idea of the perfect relaxing weekend break. Finding a cabin with a hot tub that ticks all the boxes is the best way to rejuvenate yourself on your weekend break.

Dip into the possibilities of a log cabin with a hot tub weekend

Holiday rentals with hot tubs are all the rage these days, so whether you're looking for privacy and seclusion in a romantic love nest, or a last-minute bargain somewhere close to home, there's bound to be a log cabin with a hot tub somewhere that suits your needs.

In search of seclusion and privacy

If you intend not to be disturbed on your weekend hot tub break, it's useful to look out for holiday lettings where privacy is guaranteed. Some log cabins with hot tubs are miles from anywhere, so being left alone isn't a problem. Many, however, do have neighbours, so you might rely on garden walls or fences to shield you from the outside world. Or how about booking a quiet cabin in the woods, where your nearest neighbours are the birds and the bees?

Romantic cabin fever for 2

A log cabin with its own hot tub can provide the perfect weekend away for couples who just want to cosy up for some quality time together. Holiday rentals with hot tubs are hidden away in all sorts of lush locations in the UK, from the woods of Cornwall to the forested mountains of Argyll.

Last-minute log cabin weekend breaks

Being spontaneous has its advantages, but can be a challenge when it comes to booking a holiday. If you've suddenly decided that a log cabin with a hot tub is the kind of break that you need, there are some tricks to getting a last-minute deal. Late bookings are easier to find in the off-peak seasons – basically, not midsummer, Christmas and Easter – so if you book for break outside of the school holidays, you should find somewhere to tickle your fancy straight away. If you really can't wait, keep eye out for cancellations and try to be flexible with your days.

Log cabins with hot tubs near you

These days, hot tubs aren't just found in the most popular holiday areas – all around the UK you'll find lodges and cabins with hot tubs. So if you're fizzing with excitement about a hot tub holiday rental but don't want to spend most of the weekend getting there and back, a search closer to home might yield some unexpected results. Even if you live in an 'unfashionable' area, you might be surprised at what hidden gems are just around the corner from you.

Favourite places for weekend breaks

When travellers plan a hot tub weekend, the most popular destinations are all about getting away from it all and being surrounded by stunning scenery. So whether your dream lodge is in the rolling dales of Yorkshire or among the famous fells and valleys of the Lake District National Park, you can take in all that natural splendour from the soothing comfort of your own private hot tub. So take the plunge, because it's nice up north.


You're never be far from a cosy pub and a warm welcome in Yorkshire. It's a big place, though, so get your thinking cap on when choosing the right area for you. If you want to be near the coast, the county's North Sea shoreline offers some spectacular vistas and picturesque fishing villages, while inland from here are the wild uplands and wooded valleys of the North York Moors. Further west, the Yorkshire Dales offer sweeping valleys and limestone crags.

The Lake District

You'll be following in the footsteps of many famous artists and writers on a weekend break in the Lake District National Park. A log cabin here might be on the shores of Windermere or deep in a wild forest, but with a hot tub right outside you'll be perfectly placed to appreciate the surroundings. The Lakes has almost 1,000 square miles of mountains, valleys and lakes to explore, with hot tub holiday homes tucked away in some unexpected places.