Cheap villas with private pools for a stress-free holiday

Longing for a holiday that won’t break the bank? Prefer independently planned self-catering holiday lettings but don’t want to forgo the poolside fun? Check out our budget-friendly ideas for snagging yourself a villa with your very own pool. A cheap holiday rental with a private pool gives you all the luxury of a villa rental minus the sky-high prices.

Types of holiday homes with private pools

Looking for a holiday that’s a bit more refined than a hotel stay? Sick of getting up at the crack of dawn to bagsy a beach bed? Fortunately, you don’t need to be an A-lister to afford extravagances like a holiday rental with a pool these days. These ideas for cheap villa rentals with private pools ensures that you can keep up with the Joneses without actually paying as much as the Joneses!

Break out the flip-flops at a beachfront villa

If the idea of swimming and lounging all day long floats your boat, you could do worse than a beachfront villa rental that has its own private pool. The perfect marriage of man-made convenience and nature’s spectacle is a dream come true for all water babies. Beachfront villas come in all shapes and sizes and some have large sliding doors opening onto your very own private beach. Others have balconies and terraces overlooking your own private pool in its landscaped gardens against a true blue backdrop of ocean and sky.

One-bed villas with a private pool for absolute privacy

Ideal for a romantic getaway, a 1-bedroom villa rental keeps things nice and intimate, but also refreshingly luxurious. One-bed holiday rentals also cut back the costs so it’s possible to have a truly special holiday in a cheap villa with a private pool. No noisy kids splashing around, just peace and relaxation. Small villa rentals combine the space, privacy and freedom that couples need with the exclusive use of their very own pool.

Peak privacy for low prices

The luxury of a private pool with your holiday rental doesn’t have to cost the earth. Renting a cheap villa with a private pool provides outstanding value for money. You save money usually spent travelling to and from shared pools and beaches, as well as restaurants if you shop in local markets and supermarkets. Villa rentals can work out particularly cheap for families and groups.

Who needs hotels with pool villa prices like these?

Prices for holiday rentals with a private pool start as low as £30 per night in parts of Europe and Asia. With prices like these, you can see that cheap villas with private pools are not the sole domain of big earners. Even in the UK and France, you can bag a bargain with features like games rooms and hot tubs that work out much cheaper than hotels when shared among a group. The prices get even better if you can avoid peak season.

Some destinations are eternal hotspots for cheap villas with private pools. If they’re doing something well why change it? Here are the top 3 destinations for villa rentals.

Choose fun in the French sun!

Stylish sunglasses and oversized hat? Check. Paperback novel for poolside reading? Check. Glass of aperitif in hand? Check. France is one of the most highly sought after locations for a cheap villa rental with a private pool. From laid-back La Rochelle to the exclusive Cote d’Azur, French holiday rentals have bucket loads of charm. Beware that the prices tend to soar along with the temperatures on the glamorous French Riviera in the elite playgrounds between St Tropez and Monaco.

A private poolside paradise in the UK

There’s no need to travel far when we have some impressive pool holiday options in the UK. In the UK, the cheapest villas tend to be larger ones where groups can share the cost. The holiday homes and cottage rentals in the UK have a good selection of indoor pools and hot tubs so that the temperamental British weather is rarely a concern.

Sangrias and siestas by the pool in Spain

Splash out on a beachfront villa in Spain for almost guaranteed good weather. They range from cheap and cheerful holiday homes to stunning haciendas. Travelling off peak will bag you the best deals with a private outdoor pool without the same risk of bad weather as the UK.