Villas with private pools to start your holiday with a splash

When the temperatures sizzle it’s a sign that you need to hit the swimming pool. What better way to cool down than with your very own villa with a private pool. You can find a great selection of villa rentals with private pools that cater for different group sizes, and provide unrivalled levels of privacy and comfort. If you need some inspiration in terms of the location and facilities available in villa rentals, read on!

Size up pool villas for lazy days

Let’s not be superficial, but size matters when it comes to ideal villa rentals with pools. Fortunately, no single type of villa rental has the upper hand, and all villa sizes have their own unique benefits depending on what you're looking for. From intimate villas for 2 to sprawling haciendas for large groups, holiday lettings come in a medley of sizes.

Love is in the air with 1-bed villas with a pool

One-bed villas with private pools are ideal for a romantic getaway. As the sun sets, open the chilled champagne and enjoy an intimate dinner for two on the terrace, perhaps followed by a cheeky skinny dip – after all, it’s a private pool and no one’s looking! A villa for 2 is ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries or spur of the moment celebrations. At the other end of the scale, solo travellers can enjoy a 1-bed villa rental to give them a home away from home and cut down on costs by self-catering. Go on, you know you deserve it!

Add space with 2-bedroom villas with pools

When you need more room, go big...well 2-bed at least. Two-bedroom villas are great for when you want to go on a couple’s holiday with your mates. If you ever feel that the daily grind, hectic lifestyles and distance get in the way of maintaining your friendships, schedule an annual villa holiday with a private pool. Catching up on the gossip with drinks around the pool is great way to reset relationships and laugh like old times. Two-bed villas are also great for family holidays and small groups; some even have sofas that transform into extra beds.

Supersize your holiday in a large villa rental

Big families and groups of friends will love large villas with private pools. Everyone will have enough personal space because let’s face it, even lazy days by the pool are better when you have lots of room. Large villas will also allow you to share the cost, and they usually come with a host of features you might not find in small villas, such as gyms, games rooms and tennis courts. Large holiday rentals accommodate up to 20 people and many have 6 or more bedrooms so they’re ideal for group celebrations. Really extravagant couples who like space might also pick large villas with private pools – we’re looking at you Beyonce and Jay-Z!

Where in the world are the best villas with private pools?

Holiday villas with private pools can be found all around the world, but they are particularly suited to beach and lakeside holidays. It might seem decadent to some but having your own private pool to enhances your holiday experience whether it’s in the Caribbean or Cornwall. Tropical paradises like Thailand, Seychelles and St Lucia might seem ideal for villas with private pools, but indoor pools make North European destinations a winner too.

Splash around in a Spanish villa pool

Get into “manana manana” mode with a villa rental in Spain. Once you’ve bagged yourself a last minute villa holiday with a private pool, you might not feel a pressing need to move from your lounger. Most villas in Spain with private pools are near beaches so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to swimming options. Enjoy tapas on your terrace and sangria poolside. Take a secluded dip just steps from your door and sun yourself with a Spanish siesta on a lounger.

Enjoy posh villa rentals in the UK

The United Kingdom might not seem like an obvious choice for villa rentals, but it’s an island nation with a whole lot of coast. Temperatures in the South are surprisingly mild and places like Devon and Cornwall cater to the surf crowd. Rural retreats and national parks like the Lake District are dotted with holiday rentals with private pools.