Secure a prime position for soaking up the Spanish sun

When the water calls and the sea breeze beckons, it’s hard to resist the lure of the beach. Especially when that beach is in a country already blessed with great cuisine, historic sights and natural beauty. If you're off to Spain for a beach holiday soon, know that you won't be the only one with the idea. So how to make sure you get that plum waterside position for basking in the sun? Your best option is to book a villa with a private pool, where you can laze around for as long as you wish.

Lounge by your private pool near the beach in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are unique subtropical pieces of paradise in the Atlantic and make the perfect getaway near the beach. Expect a wild landscape of volcanoes, rocky hillsides, thick forests and sand dunes.

Enjoy your holiday in the Land of Eternal Spring

Tenerife is the largest of the Canaries, and also boasts the highest peak in Spain. From your holiday villa, you can head out to explore more than 500 years of architecture or take part in a Carnival revel. But we won't blame you if you'd rather just stay in your holiday villa and chill; after all, with year-round warmth and more sunshine than Miami can offer, Tenerife might be the best destination in which to splurge on a villa with a private pool.

Laze around Lanzarote

A holiday in Lanzarote can really feel like you're leaving everything behind. There are no high-rises here, so you might stay in a whitewashed villa offering uninterrupted views of the volcanic hills that make up the island. The experiences here are as quirky as the surroundings – eat barbecued chicken cooked in volcanic steam or haggle for handmade art at the weekly market in Teguise. You can ride a camel or clamber through a lava tube. Wherever you stay on this island, the views from your holiday villa and its private pool are bound to be spectacular.

Live the Balearic Isles life in your villa with a private pool

Think Majorca and Formentera, and imagine sunning yourself by your private pool at a whitewashed villa. Beyond your terracotta roof, the mountains of the Balearic Islands rise up into azure skies. The beach is just a stroll away, and you know that when night falls, you'll have so many entertainment options that you might decide it’s easier to lie back and take in the stars.

A Majorcan idyll best enjoyed in a villa near the beach

The largest of this island chain, Majorca has a little bit of everything for everyone. There are clubs for the life of the party, and medieval stone towns and a 13th-century church for the amateur historian. Linger by a waterside cafe with a sangria or take a scooter to a nearby hilltop village to explore its cobbled alleys. Staying in a stone villa here will make you feel like a local, while the short walk to your private pool will remind you you're on holiday.

Escape the crowds in Formentera and have a peaceful holiday in your villa

If gazing at stars in the sky is more your scene than spotting stars in nightclubs, then Formentera might be the perfect Balearic island for you. Although the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley were reputed to have had holidays here, Formentera is still free of massive resorts and even tall buildings. Savour your paella with your feet in the sand or wander through ancient olive groves and vineyards. Alternatively, you can hire a boat for a leisurely morning calling in at secluded coves.

Take the family to a holiday villa with a private pool in Costa Brava

Stretching from just north of Barcelona to the French border, Costa Brava offers a range of popular beach destinations with plenty of options for families and groups looking for a stress-free holiday near the beach.

Enjoy the art scene in Cadaques

When Salvador Dali holidayed here as a child, Cadaques was a sleepy fishing village on the Mediterranean Sea. Today, many French families keep second homes here. The upmarket waterfront overlooks the crystal clear waters of the bay, and steep winding roads peter out on the hillsides above the village.

Lloret de Mar is where the fun and games are

If you enjoy being in the thick of things, Lloret de Mar might be the perfect Costa Brava location to find a holiday villa near the beach. It’s popular with locals and holidaymakers who love the clean beaches and year-long list of flagship events, so staying in a villa with a private pool here means you'll always have a perfect spot to work on your tan.