Recent reviews of Edinburgh condos and apartments

Best places for Edinburgh apartments

  • Edinburgh Castle: No matter where you book your apartment in Edinburgh, you're likely to see Edinburgh Castle on the skyline. This historic fortress stands tall on top of Castle Rock, and booking your apartment nearby can grant you convenient access to the historic structure. Not only can you see the legendary castle in its well-preserved glory, but reenactors frequently stage shows with period costumes and weapons to offer entertainment and insight into the building's history. Additionally, you can hear the firing of the One O'Clock Gun every day at 1 p.m, a tradition that dates back to 1861.
  • New Town: If you're looking to be in the centre of the action, New Town might be the perfect place to book your apartment rental. The area dates back to the 18th century, so you'll still find extensive neoclassical and Georgian period architecture, especially on Princes Street. That street is home to historical architecture as well as extensive shopping opportunities, while George Street is home to some of the best bars in town. You can even see the stunning Old Royal High School on Calton Hill, which was constructed in a striking Greek Revival style.
  • Old Town: While Edinburgh's New Town area has a history dating back a few centuries, Old Town is the oldest part of the city, dating back to the Middle Ages. When you book your apartment rental here, you'll find yourself surrounded by Reformation-era buildings, especially if you're by Cockburn Street. In this area, you'll also find some of the most iconic buildings in Edinburgh, including the St Giles' Cathedral, the University of Edinburg's Old College and the Scottish Parliament Building. Booking an apartment may also put you in some of the oldest residential high-rises in Scotland.

Luxury apartments in Edinburgh

If you're looking to get the most out of your holiday adventure, booking one of the luxury apartments in Edinburgh may be your best bet. Just because much of the city has preserved its historical structures doesn't mean you'll be stuck in the Middle Ages with your apartment rental. In fact, local luxury apartments feature some of the best amenities available, including spacious rooms, central heating and cooling and a full kitchen. Luxury options also offer entertainment to enjoy in between your Edinburgh excursions, like television, WiFi and streaming services.


Edinburgh apartments for rent in the city

When you look for Edinburgh apartments in the city, you're practically ensuring an unforgettable holiday experience. The city of Edinburgh is home to historical sites, shopping centres and signature restaurants, all conveniently located close to each other. A city apartment or condo will put you right in the middle of the action, and the extensive public transportation system grants easy access to it all, so you hardly even need a bicycle, much less a car. Plus, a high-rise apartment tends to offer a better view of the skyline and the iconic Castle Edinburgh no matter where you are.


Edinburgh apartments for rent with a hot tub

The selection of luxury Edinburgh apartments for rent come packed with features, but if you really want to get pampered on holiday, make sure you book a condo or apartment with a hot tub. These added features lend an entirely new level of relaxation to your experience. Given the historical nature of Edinburgh, you may even find hot tubs sporting a more traditional design while simultaneously offering all the modern features you'd want. Much of the Edinburgh apartment rental selection is situated in high-rises as well, so you can enjoy scenic views and a hot tub all at once.