Destination guide

Experience Belgium in holiday lettings

With the country of Belgium at your pleasure, you can expect to experience rich historical sites, unbelievable delicacies and a seamless transport system. Whichever one of Belgium’s vibrant cities you choose as your home base, you’ll find holiday lettings close to awe-inspiring architecture that is likely centuries old. The diversity of Belgium’s attractions makes it perfect for all travellers, whether a solo adventurer, a family on holiday or a couple fanning the flames of romance.


Heritage sites near Belgium holiday homes

Belgium’s rich history is evident in many of the historic sites, such as the marvellous 12th-century moated stone masterpiece of Gravensteen Castle that was originally the primary residence of many Counts of Flanders. Holiday homes near Ghent will be near the Ghent Altarpiece, housed in the towering Saint Bavo's Cathedral, a Gothic and Romanesque-style cathedral that dates back to the 10th century. In Brussels, you can see the culturally-significant icon that is the 17th-century sculpture, Manneken Pis. The Belfry of Bruges dates back to the 13th century and stands prominently in the centre of Bruges.

Things to do

Things to do near Belgium holiday homes

Belgium’s cities are bursting at their seams with historic and culturally-significant attractions. No matter where you look for holiday homes, Belgium has something of interest for you, like the Grand Place in Brussels, which is the city’s central square that is surrounded by a remarkable amount of historic buildings, most notably the 15th-century Gothic town hall. You could absorb centuries of Belgium’s culture from inside the Groeninge Museum art gallery in Bruges, and likewise with Antwerp’s Museum aan de Stroom, the architecturally-fabulous Art Deco structure that houses hundreds of thousands of objects that reflect Belgium’s past, present and place in the world. Otherwise, take advantage of a beautiful day outdoors at the Parc du Cinquantenaire city park in the shadow of the triumphant archway.

How to get around

Transport to Belgium holiday cottages

Belgium offers many places of interest, and public transport is a convenient way to get to and from holiday cottages. A bus is often the most convenient mode of transport if you are travelling around the immediate region. Thankfully, railways are available to transport you throughout the entire country. Trains could take you across town or to a neighbouring city, while Belgium also has high-speed rail lines to take you farther faster. All of Belgium’s means and operators of public transport are integrated, making it easier for travellers to seamlessly move through Belgium’s cities and countryside.

Food & drink

Sample the delicacies of Belgium

Belgian cuisine can be very diverse depending on the region of your holiday rental, and it is influenced by Belgium’s neighbours of France, Germany and the Netherlands. Staple ingredients include potatoes, white asparagus, and grey shrimp near the coast. Belgians take pride in their local beers, which are internationally famous. Mussels and fries are one of the national dishes, with many food stands serving the delicious deep-fried potato chips they call ‘friteries’. Also, Belgian chocolates may be even more well-known than the beers, as chocolatiers have been perfecting their craft since the 17th century.

Family friendly

Kid-friendly fun near Belgium holiday homes

Belgium has plentiful activities for children to learn and play. Holiday homes are available near places like Mini-Europe, a whimsical, scaled-down version of Europe’s most famous landmarks, or Belgium’s oldest zoo, Zoo Antwerpen, where kids can watch a sea lion show and learn conservation. Similarly, Pairi Daiza has thousands of exotic animals and a lively botanical garden. Kids of all ages recognize the Smurfs and Tintin, and the Comic Strip Museum in Brussels includes exhibits on these and many more Belgian comics.