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Head to a Dorset cottage for museums and unique villages

On the southern coast of England, you'll find the Dorset region. Many villages and towns populate the area, and they each have something special to offer. You can spend time on the sandy beaches along the channel or book holiday cottages in the Cotswolds in one of the inner towns for a quiet and relaxing holiday adventure. There are also over 30 museums in the area that cover general and specialist categories. The Tank Museum at Bovington is particularly interesting as it features tanks and armoured vehicles from many more nations than just the UK.


Best destinations for Dorset holiday cottages

  • Weymouth: At the mouth of the River Wey lies the town of Weymouth. This appropriately named destination is one of the largest settlements in all of Dorset with plenty for the whole family to do. The harbour is popular for fishing, swimming and boating while the town's interior is populated by iconic Georgian architecture. You'll also find extensive shopping opportunities here, especially around the Brewers Quay museum on the harbourside. The breathtaking Isle of Portland is also just a short boat ride from Weymouth, so booking Dorset cottages will grant convenient access to one of the most iconic spots in the area.
  • Christchurch: The town of Christchurch dates back to the 7th century, so travellers who enjoy history will find plenty to enjoy here. All sorts of adventurers can find plenty to do as historical sites like Christchurch Priory, the longest Parish Church in the country, are prevalent alongside nature preserves and sandy beaches. There's even a good chance you can find a local cottage that has some historical value in its own right. The more luxurious options will be outfitted with modern amenities like Wi-Fi and high-end appliances in the kitchen.
  • Swanage: Swanage became a seaside resort area back in the Victorian era, and it largely serves the same function today. You'll find pristine sandy beaches and calm, kid-friendly waves by the shore of the appropriately named Swanage Bay. The town itself is rather small with no big institutions in place, but there are several smaller attractions to enjoy. The Mowlem Theatre, for example, can function as a 400-seat theatre and a bar and restaurant. There are also several fun shops and eateries around town that the whole family can enjoy.

Discover dog-friendly Dorset cottages

Outdoor adventure is plentiful in Dorset with destinations like Brownsea Island for hikers and nature lovers and Bournemouth Beach for travellers seeking fun in the sun by the shore. While outdoor adventure alone can be an exciting experience, bringing your pup along on holiday can make it absolutely unforgettable. There are quite a few dog-friendly Dorset cottages in the area, ranging from budget-friendly to more high-end options, that are available. While most tend to be on the affordable side, you'll find a handful of luxury cottages to facilitate travellers who want to indulge themselves and their furry friends on holiday.


Find Dorset holiday cottages with a hot tub

When you book one of the Dorset holiday cottages, you'll never be too far from the water. Whether you're looking to see the iconic Durdle Door or the Old Harry Rocks, adventure by the shore is always within your grasp. If you book a cottage with a hot tub, you can enjoy a relaxing experience in the water without ever having to leave your rental. The soothing jets can make you forget your problems and just enjoy the peaceful experience of absolute serenity. Some of the local cottages offer stunning views of the surrounding environments you can enjoy while in the hot tub for that extra atmospheric touch.