Recent reviews of Cotswolds cottage rentals

Best destinations for Cotswolds cottages

  • Wales: If you're looking to stay on the Welsh side of the Cotswolds, you'll find yourself in one of the most authentic Celtic nations still existing in the modern world. Staying in Monmouth would put you by the Cotswolds and virtually endless well-maintained grassland especially around the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Cotswolds cottages can vary quite a bit, so you should have no problem finding affordable options, luxury options and everything in between.
  • Dorset: On the southern coast of England, you'll find the Dorset region. Many villages and towns populate the area, and they each have something special to offer. You can spend time on the sandy beaches along the channel or book holiday cottages in the Cotswolds in one of the inner towns for a quiet and relaxing holiday adventure. There are also over 30 museums in the area that cover general and specialist categories. The Tank Museum at Bovington is particularly interesting as it features tanks and armoured vehicles from many more nations than just the UK.
  • Somerset: Somerset features a rich cultural tradition that includes the arts, history and famous Arthurian legends. There are 11,500 listed historical buildings you can visit such as the Barrington Court and the Holnicote Estate with their extravagant gardens and parks. You may also want to stop by the local museums such as the Jane Austen Centre and the Herschel Museum of Astronomy. Holiday cottages in the Cotswolds tend to be a bit more historic, but you'll still find luxury amenities if that's what your desired holiday experience calls for.

Explore self-catering Cotswolds cottages to rent

With so many Cotswolds cottages to rent, there are certain factors to look for if you want a truly satisfying experience. One of the best options is to book a self-catering rental, so you only have to focus on yourself during your stay. These accommodation options feature everything you need to enjoy a home away from home including a private entrance and a fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchen area. These rentals also have built-in laundry facilities, so you can take care of all your living needs without ever having to leave the rental. While self-catering cottages tend to be on the more luxurious side, you'll still find affordable options around the Cotswolds.


Discover dog-friendly holiday cottages in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds have some of the most breathtaking natural environments, so it's the perfect destination to travel with your dog. That means you'll have to book one of the dog-friendly holiday cottages in the area, but you'll have quite a few different choices including everything from affordable to luxury options. It's important to remember that dog-friendly accommodation options tend to be on the more affordable side since luxury rental owners typically don't want to risk the potential mess. Additionally, a dog-friendly cottage is more likely to have a fenced-in yard where your furry friend can run around.


Find Cotswolds cottages with a hot tub

The Cotswolds is home to some of the most breathtaking natural features in the world. Rolling green fields and vibrant flora is prevalent virtually everywhere. Seeing these sights can certainly be relaxing, but when you book one of the Cotswolds cottages with a hot tub, you won't even have to leave the rental to enjoy some relaxation. Imagine retiring to your cottage after a day of exploring sites like Blenheim Palace or the Roman Baths and sitting in a hot tub with massaging jets. Given that it's a part of your cottage rental, you can access it at any time allowing you to customize your relaxation.