Recent reviews of Peak District National Park cottage rentals

Best destinations for Peak District cottages

  • Yorkshire: On the northeastern edge of the Peak District National Park, you'll find yourself within Yorkshire. It's the largest county in the entire United Kingdom, and it's home to extensive attractions travellers can enjoy. Norman castles like Castle Howard are truly a sight to behold, but the region home to Peak District cottages are surrounded by extensive rolling green hills and forests. The cottages are considerably varied as well, so it's easy to find one that suits your particular interests and budget.
  • North York: In North York, you'll find a variety of different attractions and adventures. Numerous market towns dot the area, such as Knaresborough, while the Peak District holiday cottages can put you close to the preserved grassland of the park. You may also want to stop by Dob Park, where you can find extensive natural areas and remnants from the past, such as the ancient hunting lodge. With numerous castles and ruins of abbeys, you'll have no shortage of things to do from your North York cottage rental.
  • Derbyshire: Derbyshire is known for its Peak District scenery, so it's one of the top destinations for cottages for rent in the Peak District if you want the best the national park has to offer. Mam Tor and Kinder Scout are located within Derbyshire, so you could be just a short walk away from these iconic and scenic hills. Additional attractions can be found in town as well, including the historical Bolsover Castle and the fascinating National Tramway Museum. Cottages in the area tend to be quite varied, so you can find luxury and affordable accommodation options alike.

Explore luxury cottages to rent in Peak District

Cottages to rent in Peak District can put you close to surrounding nature, but you'll find no shortage of luxury options available. These cottages feature all the best amenities you could ask for including a full kitchen with advanced appliances and integrated WiFi. Whether you're looking to stay by the historical Haddon Hall or a natural area like Dovedale, local luxury options can ensure you and your family are pampered. After all, luxury cottages have room enough for several people to have their own rooms, so don't hesitate to bring the whole gang along on your next holiday.


Discover dog-friendly Peak District holiday cottages

Peak District National Park is packed full of opportunity for outdoor adventure, and there's no better way to enjoy it all than to embark on it with your pup. Fortunately, bringing your dog to one of the available Peak District holiday cottages is easy considering how many are dog friendly. Not only do they allow your furry friend inside, but they tend to have a fenced-in outdoor area as well. As an added bonus, dog-friendly cottages tend to be on the more affordable side, so you don't have to let budget get in the way of bringing your pup along for the trip.


Find Peak District cottages with a hot tub

Adventuring through the Peak District National Park will put you close to extensive natural beauty. All that walking can take its toll, however, so it's helpful to have guaranteed relaxation waiting at one of the local Peak District cottages. That's why you should consider booking one of the rentals that comes with a hot tub. With its warm water and massaging jets, they can help you relax no matter what kind of day you had. They're private as well, so you can enjoy your hot tub whenever you want. Plus, a hot tub is considered a luxury amenity, so you're likely to have quite a few other high-end amenities at your disposal as well.