Recent reviews of Scotland cottage rentals

Visit Scotland lodges for rolling hills, pubs and history

There are few sights in the world like the Scottish Highlands, and there are plenty of holiday cottages near the Lake District that allow you a quick and easy journey to experience all that Scotland has to offer. From your cosy cottage, you can see legendary landmarks like Edinburgh Castle and its spectacular cliffside views, Loch Ness and its famed namesake monster, and the 16th-century Palace of Holyroodhouse, where you can take an abbey tour. Cottages near Scotland can provide updated comfort and allow you to make memories for your entire family that will last for a lifetime.


Popular regions to rent Scotland cottages

  • Oban: Cottages to rent in the Oban area offer a serene and peaceful getaway for your holiday, whether you're on a family excursion or a romantic holiday trip with your loved one. In rental cottages here, you'll find entertainment features like video libraries, WiFi, games, and more. A fully stocked kitchen allows for self-catering, and you can visit all the local attractions, like the historic McCaig's Tower, enjoy tastings at the Oban Distillery or see the exhibitions at the Dunollie Museum. Scotland cottages are the perfect spot to relax in the rolling green hills of the Scottish Highlands right on the shores of the ocean.
  • Inverness: This town is at the confluence of the Moray Firth and the River Ness on Scotland's northeastern coast. It's a cultural centre of the Scottish Highlands, and cottages here situate you within very easy access to a wealth of interesting and exciting adventures. You can purchase clothing, crafts and local handiworks at the Victorian Market. Inverness Castle is a famed historic attraction, as is the Inverness Cathedral that dates to the 19th century. Scotland holiday cottages here provide all the comforts of home and all the entertainment amenities you crave for an unforgettable holiday trip.
  • Scottish Highlands: This famous historic region offers scenic green surroundings and mountain ranges as far as the eyes can see. Staying at cottages to rent in Scotland will find you perfectly situated to visit such locations as the famed Loch Ness and its namesake cryptid, Nessie. You can travel back to the 16th century when you visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct or Urquhart Castle. This is a realm of culture, arts and exciting experience, where a rental cottage allows you spacious common and living areas, fully-stocked kitchens, well-tended outdoor gardens and much more. Whether for families, couples or groups, it's an ideal option for your holiday travel experience.

Best Scotland holiday cottages that are dog-friendly

Many travellers these days are in need of an accommodation that will also welcome their favourite 4-legged friends and family members. Many dog-friendly holiday cottages are available in Scotland that will allow you to see all of the sites with your furry friend right at your side. You can save money on dog boarding to spend on family attractions like Jurassic Parrr or Dino Park. You can take your pet along when you travel around to see medieval castles like Glamis Castle, Tantallon Castle, Stirling Castle, or Drumlanrig Castle. You can even visit the legendary seat of Arthur in Edinburgh. Arts and cultural museums also beckon, such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. You'll even find historical sites that feature interactive, kid-friendly attractions like costumed actors. Always be sure, however, that when you bring your dog along to a peaceful Scotland rental cottage, you're sure that the attractions you want to visit are also okay with your furry friend.


Discover pet-friendly cottages all around Scotland

Cottages are among the most prevalent rentals available throughout Scotland whether you're looking for something in the city or in the countryside. Cottages come in various sizes, but they typically offer a more quaint and cosy holiday experience with all the comforts you'd expect from home. You can even bring the whole family along thanks to their spacious rooms, and with a pet-friendly cottage, you can truly include the whole family. Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in Scotland, so you can enjoy having your furry companion with you in the city or walking through the countryside.

Revel in opulence with a premium cottage in Scotland

Cottages are among the most popular types of accommodation in Scotland. You'll find them throughout the region, and everywhere from urban to rural areas. For the most opulent cottage, be sure to search for premium accommodation options as they will have space and amenities necessary to keep the whole family happy. You'll find a full kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances in most luxury cottages along with extra features like a hot tub or private pool. Relaxation is the end goal of luxury cottages, so they're the best way to ensure you get enough rest to seize every day you're in Scotland.

Delight in a cottage in Scotland with a hot tub

Cottages are among the most popular accommodation options in Scotland, and for good reason. You can find cottages available in a variety of areas including the rural countryside and many urban centres. Given their cosy appeal, they're suitable for all types of holiday experiences whether you're looking to spend time with family or embark on a solo adventure. For a little more luxury in your cottage, keep an eye out for rentals with a hot tub. Cottages tend to be more modest than other accommodation options, but they can still feature luxury amenities like a hot tub, full kitchen and premium television.

Top options for cottages to rent in Scotland with hot tubs

Scotland is a popular holiday destination for anniversaries, honeymoons and other romantic trips for 2. For those on trips like this, you'll want to consider cottages to rent in Scotland with hot tubs. In a hot tub or whirlpool, you can enjoy those intimate moments for just the 2 of you. For others, a hot tub is a great way to loosen muscles that are tight after a day of hiking in the highlands. Still others enjoy hot tub parties with groups of friends, wine and champagne to create good times and great memories. Whatever your reason, a hot tub can provide that final touch of luxury to offer the next level of comfort. It's all ready and waiting to deliver the holiday trip of a lifetime in your Scotland rental cottage.