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Best destinations for Pembrokeshire cottages

  • Tenby: Tenby is one of the most iconic towns in Pembrokeshire, and that's no accident. The harbour in the old town is full of history, with numerous historic buildings and the 19th-century Palmerston Fort. Additionally, you can enjoy 2 sheltered beaches with soft sands and gentle waves, perfect for the whole family to go swimming. Shopping is also a popular activity here, as just about anything can be found in the town's market. Pembrokeshire cottages in Tenby are generally family-friendly and affordable, but there are also more luxurious accommodation options available.
  • Saundersfoot: On the southeastern edge of Pembrokeshire lies the coastal village of Saundersfoot. In addition to its pristine beaches and harbour area, you'll find a collection of high-end shops and restaurants offering luxurious experiences you wouldn't normally expect from a town this size. It turns out that local ingredients really can make a difference when it comes to gourmet cuisine. Despite its luxurious attractions, available Pembrokeshire cottages in Saundersfoot come in many shapes and sizes, so you can embrace the luxury or find something more affordable without issue. Don't forget to attend the cheese festival and charitable swim if you're visiting on New Year's Day.
  • Fishguard: The town of Fishguard is located on the northern shore of Pembrokeshire and functions mostly as a fishing village. It can be a nice, quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire can put you close to the town centre or the surrounding nature areas. The market in town is particularly exciting, as you'll find various goods and fresh food at the town hall every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Additionally, there's a theatre in town where you can enjoy films and live performances.

Explore luxury Pembrokeshire cottages

Luxury Pembrokeshire cottages are prevalent throughout the region, so you'll never have to look too far to find one suitable for your tastes, and from your accommodation, you can explore attractions like Pembroke Castle and St David's Cathedral. Though cottages here tend to be newer and homier than typical luxury accommodation, they do have plenty to offer all sorts of travellers. You'll find high-end amenities standard, such as a full kitchen with advanced appliances and integrated WiFi. Luxury cottages also tend to be quite expansive, so you don't have to hesitate to take your friends and family along on holiday.


Discover dog-friendly holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire

Taking your family on holiday means also taking your pup in some cases and finding dog-friendly holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire is easy. With premier destinations like the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and Barafundle Bay, there's no shortage of exciting activities you can do with your dog. It's important to note that dog-friendly cottages tend to be on the more affordable side of things, but there are a few luxury options available that welcome pets. Additionally, these cottages often have some enclosed outdoor space, like a fenced backyard where your pet can roam around freely without getting loose and where you can keep an eye on them.