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Best locations for houses to rent in Cornwall

  • Newquay: Newquay is located on the northern shore of Cornwall and remains a quaint yet exciting coastal town. It has been a popular destination for travellers for over a century, thanks in part to its pristine stretches of accessible sandy beaches. History buffs and outdoor adventurers alike can enjoy the iconic Newquay Discovery Trail. This trail stretches all throughout town and features slate discs in the ground to designate key points of interest. When it comes to houses to rent in Newquay, you can find options by the trail and by the beach alike, along with some near the town centre as well.
  • Truro: When you rent a house in Cornwall near Truro, the first thing you'll likely see is the towering Truro Cathedral. This Gothic Revival-style landmark is one of the most iconic spots in the city, but that's just the beginning of what there is to see here. Georgian architecture is prominent as well, with Truro being known for having some of the best examples west of Bath. There are also numerous events happening throughout the year, so consider when you want to travel. During the City of Lights festival, for example, Truro holds a breathtaking paper lantern parade. If you're more interested in floral displays, you can attend the Britain in Bloom festival held every October.
  • Falmouth: On the southern coast of Cornwall on the River Fal, you'll find the port town of Falmouth. Named for being at the mouth of the river, this town is packed full of exciting aquatic adventures like boating, fishing and swimming at the local beaches. The maritime industry is so iconic in Falmouth that it's even the location of the Cornwall National Maritime Museum. While there are affordable Cornwall houses to rent in Falmouth, much of the waterfront property is on the luxurious side of the spectrum.

Explore luxury houses to rent in Cornwall

There's no shortage of luxury experiences to enjoy in Cornwall. From the iconic Minack Theatre to the coastal Pendennis Castle, you can visit some of the best attractions in all of the UK on your holiday. If you're looking to go all out on your holiday adventure, consider booking one of the Cornwall luxury homes that offer enhanced amenities like a full kitchen with state-of-the-art modern appliances. Integrated WiFi and streaming television services are common as well. Plus, luxury houses tend to be considerably spacious, so you can bring the whole family along without feeling crowded.


Discover cheap holiday houses in Cornwall

With so much to see and do in Cornwall, from Trebah Garden to the Eden Project eco-park and educational centre, many travellers look to save on their accommodation so they have more in the budget for area attractions. If that sounds like your holiday plan, consider booking one of the cheap holiday houses in Cornwall. They may lean more toward the affordable side of the spectrum, but they still offer satisfying amenities like central heating and cooling, and often a full kitchen. Cheap houses are also more likely to be pet-friendly, so keep that in mind if you plan on bringing your pup along.


Find holiday houses in Cornwall with a pool

When looking for holiday houses in Cornwall to rent, some travellers prefer having a good location, while others are all about the full kitchen. If you're looking for something that adds a bit of fun to your holiday adventure, however, consider booking a rental with a pool. Having a private pool at your disposal means you can go for a swim whenever you want, whether you're looking to exercise, relax or just have fun. Plus, houses to rent that have a pool generally have quite a few other luxurious amenities to enjoy as well, such as a hot tub.