Recent reviews of Wales cabin rentals

Best places for log cabins in Wales:

  • Pembrokeshire: Unforgettable log cabin holidays in Wales are easy to find in Pembrokeshire. With water on 3 sides, you're never too far from the shore in this Welsh county. Booking a log cabin can put you close to the breathtaking natural features of the area, which are protected by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Within the region, you'll find the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, a trail stretching 186 miles that takes you through various harbours, coves, villages and beaches. Should you book your cabin away from the shore, you can still find vast fields, adventure parks and even towering castles.
  • Cardiff: The capital city of Wales is known as Cardiff, and booking your stay near this urban centre doesn't mean you have to go without a cabin. You'll find destinations throughout the city and its outskirts that offer you a cosy cabin in Wales within convenient proximity to Cardiff's central attractions. The Mermaid Quay allows you to enjoy a romantic dinner on the waterfront while Cardiff Castle can fill any traveller with a sense of awe. You can also stop by St Fagans National Museum of History for some valuable insight about Wales' rich past.
  • Snowdonia: Travellers looking for log cabins in Wales will find unforgettable adventure awaiting in Snowdonia. The region is home to Wales' highest peak, Snowdon, which comes complete with hiking paths, zip lines and other mountain activities. You don't even have to hike the path if you don't want to as the Snowdon Mountain Railway runs all the way to the summit offering stunning views along the way. While the mountains can be an unforgettable experience, Snowdonia also features cabins closer to the shore where you'll find beaches, walking routes and water parks.

Luxury cabin holidays in Wales

For travellers who are looking to go all out on their cabin holidays in Wales, there are several luxury accommodation options available. These cabins have managed to combine the rustic and nature-oriented feel of a cabin with all the modern comforts and amenities you've grown accustomed to. Luxury options feature several bedrooms with room for family and friends, so you can bring the whole crew along. Inside, you'll find temperature controls and a full kitchen stocked with all the advanced appliances you'll ever need. There's no better option for a traveller looking to enjoy nature while getting absolutely pampered.


Cheap cabins in Wales

If you're travelling on a budget, you'll find no shortage of options for cabins in Wales. In fact, cabins are among the most affordable accommodation you can opt for, so you're already in for a budget-friendly adventure from the start. More affordable cabin options feature a self-catering design with a kitchen and laundry facilities for your convenience. A select few even come with built-in entertainment, so you can watch television or online streaming services in between your Welsh adventures. Plus, when you save on your cabin, you'll have more money for all the attractions Wales has to offer.


Unwind in rustic pet-friendly cabins in Wales

If you're looking to explore the Welsh countryside or coastal region, a cabin is one of the best accommodation options available. Not only do they connect you more closely with the surrounding natural features with large decks and relatively secluded locations, but they embody a warm and welcoming atmosphere that serves as a useful break from the city's busy noise. Being able to bring your dog along to a pet-friendly cabin can also help you unwind. Your furry companion is sure to enjoy the hikes and strolls along the beach and through the breathtaking Welsh countryside.

Choose natural serenity with a cabin in Wales with a hot tub

Cabins are perfect for a nature-oriented holiday experience. Most cabins are relatively secluded from local community centres offering an experience that puts you close to the Welsh countryside as no other accommodation option can. Just because you're taking a more nature-oriented approach doesn't mean you have to give up on modern amenities. Some of the more high-end cabins in Wales offer incredible features like WiFi, a full kitchen and a hot tub. Nothing lets you take in the surrounding sights by your cabin rental quite like a relaxing soak.

Log cabin holidays in Wales with a hot tub

To add that extra bit of luxury to your log cabin holidays in Wales, you can book accommodation that comes complete with a hot tub. These high-end features allow you to relax in warm water as your troubles fade away. Having a jetted tub in a cabin is particularly advantageous as the relaxing environment is often coupled with a stunning view of the surrounding landscapes. Imagine unwinding in a hot tub while surrounded by a private garden or the natural green vibrancy of the Welsh countryside whether you're by the shore, the mountains or somewhere in between.