Recent reviews of Greece villa rentals

The best destination for villas in Greece

  • Corfu: The Greek island of Corfu is a paradise of rugged mountains and clear emerald water on the Ionian Sea that's perfect for a dream holiday. The history and culture of Corfu are fascinating, and you can enjoy it all from a holiday villa in Greece. While predominantly influenced by Greece, Corfu also pulls some of its heritage from the Venetian, French and British rule prior to the 1800s. You can visit ancient fortresses as well as a historic French-style arcade. Corfu is most popular for its resort appeal, and villas here make for an ideal holiday, whether on the coast or near nightlife attractions in the city centre.
  • Cephalonia: Another island in the Ionian Sea that is perfect for a holiday retreat is Cephalonia. Beachgoers love Cephalonia for the numerous sandy coves that give many beaches a secluded feel where you can swim and sunbathe like it's your private island. Anyone looking for villas to rent in Greece will want to check out Cephalonia, as the immense natural beauty of limestone cliffs and the rugged landscape is breathtaking. Cephalonia is home to numerous quaint towns where you can head out for a fishing excursion across the sparkling azure waters. Many of the beaches are lined with bars offering live music.
  • Santorini: Sitting in the Aegean Sea in the midst of the Cyclades Islands is Santorini, a rugged paradise with secluded coves and holiday appeal. Santorini provides an enchanting location for villa holidays in Greece. The whitewashed houses and shops that line the narrow streets of Fira and Oria stand out beautifully against the backdrop of dark cliffs. The landscape is uniquely shaped by a massive caldera that was caused by a volcano thousands of years ago. Many of the beaches are composed of smooth red, white and black lava pebbles that are a highlight for travellers visiting Santorini.

Save with cheap holiday villas in Greece

An inexpensive villa is a great choice of accommodation that gives you the freedom to explore more of the history and beauty of Greece. You can visit the ancient sites of Athens as well as the beaches along the sea on your holiday in Greece, and a cheap villa is a great option for a comfortable overnight stay that will get you ready for the adventures of the next day. You can still opt for a full kitchen and dining area, as well as a private garden area that is a welcome feature of many villas. A cheap villa can make your holiday more flexible and enjoyable.


Splurge on a luxury villa in Greece

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty and culture of Greece on your next holiday is by staying in a luxury villa. Whether you plan to stay on the main peninsula or on one of the exotic surrounding islands, a luxury villa in Greece will afford you with additional touches of comfort and high-end amenities for a brilliant trip. Travellers can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering meals or a modern bathroom with a hot tub and heated floors. Luxury villas offer spacious accommodation that is well-suited for friends or family.


Enjoy villas in Greece with a private pool

As you peer out across the majestic Greek countryside or appreciate the tranquillity of the sun setting over the Ionian Sea, you can have an even more unforgettable holiday experience when you rent a villa with a private pool. Whether you most enjoy reading poolside under the comfort of the summer sun or want to get together with friends for drinks and water fun, you'll get that with an accommodating villa with a private pool in Greece. Families especially love the benefits of having a pool on holiday because kids can have fun without needing to pack up and find things to do.