Recent reviews of Malta villa rentals

Best locations for villa rentals in Malta

  • Gozo: The beautiful island of Gozo is part of the Malta archipelago and is best known for its spectacular diving opportunities. Coral reefs, undersea caves and nearby shipwrecks all make for incredible underwater adventures. The waters around Gozo are warm year-round, so diving is always available. You can find many villas to rent in this part of Malta, particularly if you enjoy a farmhouse aesthetic. A villa holiday on Gozo provides you with flexibility and a beautiful setting no matter when you visit. You can find a villa to rent close to the exciting capital city of Victoria, or you might look for one that's in a more peaceful countryside setting, depending on the experience you desire.
  • Mellieha: Mellieha is the picturesque northernmost village on Malta and features the largest beach on the island, known as Ghadira. A villa holiday in Mellieha is ideal if you prefer a slower pace or want to know what it's like to live in a Maltese village. Your holiday in Mellieha will be filled with sun, sand and hills. The village sits atop a hill, so walking in this region is not for the faint of heart. You'll enjoy both natural beauty and historical structures when you stroll through the countryside surrounding Mellieha. A variety of Malta villas to rent can be found in Mellieha, with spacious interiors and generous amenities like pools, hot tubs and spectacular views.

Choose a luxury villa to rent in Malta for your holiday

If you are looking for a luxury villa in Malta, you will be thrilled with the selection. Malta offers luxury that will make your holiday an exceptional experience on every part of the island. A luxury villa on Malta will be beautifully appointed and may come with unexpected amenities that will delight you, such as concierge services. Your villa concierge will be able to connect you with all the best activities on Malta like diving and fishing. Many villas offer chauffeur services, access to private yachts or even personal chefs. In-room massages or spa treatments may even be available. You will want for nothing when you rent a luxury villa in Malta.


Enjoy a holiday villa in Malta with a hot tub

No Malta villa holiday would be complete without a warm, relaxing dip in a hot tub. After a long day of trekking the hills or scuba diving, a revitalizing break in a hot tub will ensure that you are ready to adventure again the next day. Many villas in Malta are suitable for large groups and have hot tubs that also accommodate several people. Just imagine enjoying the bubbly jets with some of your favourite people while on holiday in beautiful Malta. There is no better way to restore your spirit than by submerging yourself in a hot tub. Outdoor hot tubs in Malta often feature amazing seaside or country landscape views, adding to the magic of your experience.


Rent a villa in Malta with a swimming pool

One of the best things about choosing a holiday in Malta is the gorgeous year-round weather. It is a perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts, so many villas to rent in Malta feature shimmering swimming pools. Lounging in a clean, blue swimming pool in Malta adds not just relaxation and fun but also a touch of luxury for your holiday. You will thoroughly enjoy a swimming pool on a hot summer day as you're surrounded by stunning views and the sounds of village life. Swimming pools are often shared between several villas, making it easy to spend time with your travel group, but villas are also available with private pools.