Recent reviews of Spain villa rentals

Top places for villas in Spain

  • Ibiza: The island paradise in the Mediterranean that is Ibiza is an ideal spot for villas to rent in Spain. As one of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is surrounded by turquoise waters and scenic rocky shores. A holiday here is desirable for all types of outdoor fun and relaxation. You could spend a day at the beach, or you might charter a boat for a fishing excursion or to enjoy even more spectacular views. While Ibiza is typically thought of as the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, families will also enjoy the island because there are plenty of activities for kids.
  • Lanzarote: If you've ever dreamt of a villa holiday in Spain, you'll love staying on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The weather is warm and inviting year-round for you to enjoy the beaches and the volcanic landscape. While many travellers come to relax on one of the sandy beaches with the soothing sounds of the waves rolling onto the shores, there are plenty of places for adventure and exploring the volcanic terrain. One of the most popular activities on Lanzarote is to hike to the top of one of the hills to get an elevated view of the vast turquoise waters.
  • Majorca: The island of Majorca, also known as Mallorca, is another lovely destination for a beach villa in Spain. Travellers frequent this exotic resort island for its beaches, nightlife and historic villages. The majority of the pub and nightlife activity takes place in Palma, the capital of Majorca, which is along the southwestern shore of the island. The rocky inland area is perfect for outdoor fun and hiking, and the northern shore is lined with mountainous terrain. You'll also find opportunities to explore the ancient cave systems of the island. Not to be outdone by the natural beauty is the towering basilica.

Save with cheap holiday villas in Spain

Spain is one of the top holiday destinations in all of Europe, and a cheap villa will give you the freedom to enjoy more activities on your trip. You can find welcoming cheap villas in Spain in the most desirable locations that are inexpensive but still have the comforts of home that you love, along with amenities to help you not have to worry about a thing on your holiday. Whether you're more interested in a full-sized kitchen or modern bed and bath facilities, you can find a cheap villa that offers the peace and relaxation you desire.


Explore luxury villas to rent in Spain

Whether you want to holiday in Barcelona, Madrid or the Canary Islands, a luxury villa is the perfect accommodation for you to indulge in the beauty and culture of Spain. With a luxury villa rental in Spain, you can have more comforts around you to relax and enjoy your holiday. Whether you want a spacious house with multiple bedrooms for a group of friends or a small beach cottage on the Mediterranean, you have every option available when you look for a luxury villa. Many come with a hot tub for a relaxing soak or a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering meals.


Find a villa in Spain with a private heated pool

Your holiday will be more fun and enjoyable when you let a villa with a private pool in Spain. If you want a villa in the Canary Islands, you could float around your pool with a volcanic backdrop that is perfectly paired with an evening glass of wine. A heated pool also means you can still go for a swim on your winter holiday. Whether you want to holiday on the Mediterranean or in ski country, you can enjoy the soothing waters of a private heated swimming pool that is a great gathering spot for your friends or family.