Recent reviews of Lanzarote villa rentals

A relaxing Spanish villa holiday awaits you on Lanzarote

Given the fact that much of Fuerteventura is a protected biosphere, one of the best places to book a villa is neighbouring Lanzarote. You'll find plenty of beaches here along with over 500 different kinds of plants, 17 of which are endemic, so outdoor adventurers can find plenty to keep themselves busy. Beach villas near Fuerteventura are quite varied as well, so you can find affordable and luxurious options in virtually equal measure making it easy to customize your holiday experience.


The best places for a villa in Lanzarote, Spain

  • Playa Blanca: On the southern tip of Lanzarote sits the beautiful Spanish town of Playa Blanca. Playa Blanca is a lovely spot for Lanzarote villa holidays. You can enjoy the calm emerald waters and golden beaches after meandering through the quaint seaside town for local artisanal goods. Many travellers love taking a stroll along the rocky coast to experience the peaceful sights and sounds of gulls chirping and the waves rolling on the stones. Playa Blanca is small enough to have an intimate feel, which is pleasant when you are enjoying a dinner out or not having to fight crowds to snorkel.
  • Puerto del Carmen: Another captivating seaside resort town is Puerto del Carmen. Puerto del Carmen is one of the top destinations for letting villas in Lanzarote. It is lined with golden, sandy beaches and is still a prominent fishing hub for many locals. That gives Puerto del Carmen a historic charm as you stroll about the stone streets and look for fresh seafood and local shopping boutiques. Yet Puerto del Carmen isn’t short on modern fun, like golfing, scuba diving, and go-karts. Many come to try their luck in the casino, where you can enjoy gaming with spectacular coastal views.
  • Costa Teguise: Costa Teguise is a Canary Island resort town that would make a great destination for Lanzarote villa holidays. Many of the towns in Lanzarote are better for a romantic getaway or a holiday with a group of friends, but Costa Teguise is well-suited for all types of holiday-goers. Families love it here because of the Aquapark with pools and slides that is within walking distance of town, as well as a buzzing aquarium. There’s even a zip line if you are up for an adventure. The beaches are fantastic as well, as the main one stretches across the entire town.

Cheap villas in Lanzarote

Because there is so much to see and do across Lanzarote Island, you may want to opt for a cheap villa, which will give you the freedom to experience more of this exotic island. Whether you plan to visit a few of the small coastal towns to experience the food and local culture, or you like staying close to home where you can relax and rejuvenate throughout your holiday, a cheap villa will afford you a comfortable accommodation. You can find one with a spacious kitchen and living area, as well as an outdoor pool and patio area for entertaining.


Luxury villas in Lanzarote

The resort-like nature of Lanzarote means it's conducive to enjoying the atmosphere from a luxury villa. You can imagine experiencing a high-end accommodation with an open floor plan, huge glass windows where you can see the coast from the dining area, a garden with green grass and a private pool and more. If you like self-catering meals, you can get one with a kitchen that’s fully equipped. You can also find a villa with as many bedrooms as you need, which is great for travelling with friends or relatives. After a long day, indulge yourself with your luxury villa.


Villas in Lanzarote with a hot tub

There’s no better way to literally sit in luxury than when you let a villa with a hot tub. A villa is a great accommodation if you enjoy spacious living areas and your own garden area. A hot tub fits with the overall ambience perfectly, and you deserve it. You can hang out at your private pool with a few drinks and go for a relaxing soak in the hot tub. After a day of fun and adventure swimming at the beach, shopping in town, or hiking across the volcanic cliffs, you can unwind with the soothing jets of a hot tub.