Booking a holiday apartment rental is easy for family travels.

If you're looking for ultramodern lodging for your family holiday travels that offers all the best amenities with a sleek style, short-stay apartments can be a solid option. Check out a wide variety of holiday apartment rentals offering all the comfort, space and amenities you need to relax between your exciting and romantic adventures in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Explore elegant holiday apartment rentals

When you're on holiday, whether it's in the UK or continental Europe, you need a base of operations, somewhere to kick back and relax between adventures. Hiking in national parks, visiting historic landmarks, shopping in boutique shops and eating at the finest establishments can be as exhausting as it is fun.

For accommodation with plenty of space to stretch out and everything else you need in one place, few options are as ideal as holiday apartment rentals. You can find a holiday flat to suit any need, from luxurious high-end apartments with modern furnishings and smart-home appliances to inexpensive and simple affairs that offer plenty of comfort and all the basics without breaking the bank.

Short-stay apartments offer luxury and romance

If you're looking to relax on a romantic escape for 2 in true pampered comfort, luxury short-stay apartments offer exactly what you need. Imagine sinking into a huge, plush, king-size bed in a cavernous master bedroom at night, then having a cup of tea every morning at dawn on your outdoor balcony or patio. You'll find apartments that offer whole-home surround sound and music libraries, or streaming media video setups with all of the services you're used to.

There's nothing like snuggling up in front of a fire with a glass of wine in the evenings, and many luxury apartments offer options like a gas fireplace. You can even take advantage of features like free WiFi or smart appliances that make everything as easy as a snap of the fingers or a voice command.

Travel on a budget with cheap holidays apartments

For those looking to save a few pounds on travel, budget-friendly cheap holiday apartments can be found to suit the bill. These apartments prove that you don't need to spend a fortune to have plenty of comfort and convenience. Though they offer basic amenities compared with full luxury apartments, they don't skimp on space to stretch out or on sturdy, modern furnishings.

They still may offer features like free WiFi and streaming services, and they can be found right in the heart of your holiday destination. You might enjoy offerings like book libraries or board games to keep the family entertained. You can also find features like laundry facilities and fully stocked kitchens so you can self-cater your meals and save a bit on dining out. Cheap holidays apartments offer plenty of convenience while letting you save money to spend on other adventures.

Be in the heart of everything in city centre holiday apartments

If you're going on holiday to a major city like London, Paris, Barcelona or Amsterdam, you'll likely want to be right in the middle of all the action and excitement. That means finding lodgings in the city centre. City centre holiday apartments can be found in almost every city across Europe, and they can be some of the best options for a base of operations.

Many offer the same luxury amenities you'll find at high-end places, like comfortable sofas, huge beds and cavernous rooms outfitted with the latest technology, while also making it easy to get wherever you want to go. Imagine stepping outside your holiday flat and immediately catching a cab or bus to wherever you need to go, or finding the best dining, shopping and entertainment just steps away. That's what you get when you rent city centre holiday apartments.

Relax in luxurious bliss in your apartment with a hot tub

One feature just about everyone seems to look for these days is an apartment with a hot tub, and why not? A hot tub is the height of luxurious pampering. After you spend a day hiking hard trails in a national park, there's nothing like easing into the soothing jets of a spa tub to loosen up and relax for the evening. If you're on a romantic holiday, a hot tub and a bottle of wine is the perfect way to steal away those intimate moments just for 2.

Holiday apartment rentals are the ideal way to combine convenience and comfort. You can search by location, features, budget or any number of other options to find the perfect place to spend your holiday.

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